6/23/19 was the “International Day Against Bullying”.  You may wonder why it is that people bully those who are different from them, weaker than them, wealthier than them, poorer than them, etc.  

In the people I’ve worked with, I’ve found that bullying, in whatever form it takes, is done for one reason: Hurt people, hurt people.

The hurt can be very real, or very imagined.  It doesn’t matter, one is as real to the hurt person as the other.  Prison systems are overrun with people who have been hurt by their parents, who were hurt by their parents, who were hurt by their parents, etc.  If we desire to minimize bullying, or eliminate it, both sides need to be addressed, those being bullied and those bullying.  People can form a Transitional Generation who make the decision to stop a family tradition of abuse.

Trying to stop bullying by making laws will be just as effective as the laws that have been put in place to stop the use of illegal drugs.  Becoming a Transitional Generation requires a massive mind-shift, a total change in an embedded belief system.