I’ve always been fascinated by language. It can make you feel something right?! It can transport you to a completely different world if you let it, a world of wonder and excitement. A world where you write the script exactly as you want it, and design the hero to be everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Language can describe our greatest loves, our most delectable pleasures, and paint a picture of the greatest riches ever told.

So… why aren’t we doing this on a daily basis in our Real Life? Why do we save this for works of fiction?

Oh, that’s right, because we’ve become so totally accustomed to telling a self deprecating story to ourselves every single day. Regurgitating up to 90% of the same story we told ourselves only the day before! You know the ones – the stories that we write of being hard done to, of judging others and ourselves harshly, the stories of hate and pettiness, jealousy and lack.

I want to let you into a little secret here; your words are kind of like a magic wand guys. And the most powerful of all the spells you can use are the words, I Am. Because what follows these two little words creates your entire reality.

I Am creates your whole concept of yourself. From your appearance, to your job, to your academic achievements, to your habits and behaviours. So, what are YOU? And what life are you describing?

I am fat and ugly

I am just a cashier

I am uneducated and worthless

I am better off alone

Remember your power people! You can change what follows I Am. You can write a different story, right now. If you pick up the damn pen.

I am beautiful inside and out. I choose to see the best in myself.

I am an important part of this organisation. I am valued by my customers.

I am able to choose where I go from here. I am worthy of an education.

I am enjoying being independent, but I am open to sharing my life with others too because that might be fun!

Which I Am statements sound better? Which I Am statements FEEL better? Fact is, you can change your concept of yourself whenever you damn well like just by changing the language you use every day. See the words I Am as a magical paintbrush, loaded up ready with whatever fabulous colour you want to use that day.

Question is, what are you going to paint?