To be or not to be? That is the question we are often confronted with.

One day, we think to ourselves: I AM so talented and the next day: I AM totally useless.

Dealing with our BAD or GOOD mood is very challenging to handle. We all wake up some morning thinking, “Today I don’t feel well, I’m not motivated, or I just want to stay in bed.” Indeed, it doesn’t make you want to do much, and it’s a delicate situation to face.

In a matter of a minute, we can switch from cries to laughter. But if you receive a phone call telling you that you have won the lottery or got a promotion at work, I can guarantee you 1000% that you would jump out of bed and be like James Brown’s greatest dance move “Wo! I feel good!”

These mood swings can cause an emotional disturbance, stress, anxiety, and even health issues. However, they say that every sunrise is an opportunity to reset. Again, this may sound easy to say, but in terms of action, it is a different step to take. It depends on the chaotic day that took place the day before and how you absorbed it in your mind, which means are you able to forgive and forget it.

That is the question!

Cleansing and purifying your conscious and subconscious to regain the flow of positive energy is the turnkey solution as always. But what is the antidote or the gateway to solve these behaviors that can be frequent or temporary?

Let me share with you some strategic tips to retrieve your good mood and push back your tantrums:-

  • First of all, look for the positive aspect instead of keeping the frustration.There is always something good that has happened during a hectic day.
  • Evaluate your actual state of mind. What do you nurture your soul with? Love or Hate? Happiness or sadness?
  • How do you treat your emotional, mental, and physical health? Be gentle, and take it easy.
  • What kind of vocabulary are you using? More of “I can’t” than “I can?”
  • Do you take the time to analyze what’s going on around you? Your family environment, friends, and workplace. How do you stand up
  • Are you grateful enough?
  • Are you thankful enough?

The list is exhaustive, but you get the touch base to activate the principles and to keep a self-balance where the rhythm of your life should look more shining than fading. Here are some inventory exercises you can practice to overcome certain situations:-

  • Meditate
  • Listen to your James Brown tunes and rock the world!
  • Go for a walk, and get fresh air into your immune system.
  • Enjoy the present moment.
  • Smile to the Universe, and the Universe will smile at you
  • Be more positive by reading motivational quotes or work on affirmation words.
  • At bedtime, listen to calm and re-energizing music to reset your subconscious.
  • Write about what you are grateful for.

As Bobby McFerrin used to sing, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

By Sonia Saïdi

My Infinite