I am here, sitting in my bed and trying to tell this world a story. A story about this world experienced through my eyes and reflections. 

I am a typical millennial who has been taking the best out of this good advanced life we have. To be sincere, I truly love it and everyday, no matter what happens, I am appreciating everything what is given to me. 

We live in a society where our so called problems start with “What to eat for breakfast?” “When to book a new holiday?”, “How to improve at work?” and obviously “How to solve the problems of this new technological world and people?”. 

At the same time we live in a society where everything is possible and we do have so many choices..! The choices to find our purpose, get a better life, education and become happier. 

Ah, happier! We all wanna be more and more of it, we all talk about how positive emotions are important and how we need to be better to other people … How happiness depends on us etc. Do not understand me wrong. I actually believe that everything depends only on us and that is an amazing part, because we have this chance of actually being happy.

I tend to consider myself to be a happy person and yes I like to use my Instagram to capture beautiful stories and moments. No, I do not think that it is fake because I do appreciate those little things and there is nothing wrong with it. And again, it does not mean that my life is all flowers and roses. It is full of disappointments, mistakes, anger moments, loss and failures and those are a big part of my happiness as well as a beautiful breakfast spot I have posted recently on my account.

Let me explain myself better.

When I was a teenager, I experienced a big loss of my dad. That was the moment that turned everything upside down and all the security of a family life disappeared. The emotions of that time? I cried for several days, I took very long walks alone and I sincerely felt broken inside. It took some time to heal, maybe a little part of me is still broken. After some time, there were no tears left and I opened my eyes. What I saw? The life was still there. A little bit different but still, the journey was not over. I remember, the first time my friend made me laugh after the accident. Ah that sweet joy of laughing. It was a beautiful emotion! It made me to appreciate my friend and life more. It reminded me that “Hun, so many days are still here for you”. 

Today when I look back, I would say that I would not try to turn the time back and fix something. Every single moment of those days is a part of my happiness today. Every single tear and that inside pain that you can not describe in words,  taught me about the importance of my smile today. I would never give those bad emotions back. Why? Because it makes us human beings, it shows how raw and pure our inside feelings can be. 

This is just a short example of so many small details that appear in our daily lives. Sometimes things go wrong, you do not pass an exam, you do not get that job, you break up with your so believed “lover forever”. People disappoint and hurt you and sometimes you are a bad guy who hurts someones feelings. And it is ok! It is totally ok! It is even good to say… “Now I am tired”. It is totally fine get a bit upset and shout things out loud without explaining yourself or cutting some people out of your life. 

Sometimes you are even given all your best emotions and enthusiasm and people do not get it. Well… it hurts a lot, I won´t lie. But mostly it disappoints I guess and again it is good to realize because that means that all these so called “negative emotions” are actually showing you that your happiness process deserves the best! It does not have to be all “how sweet and wonderful” you are all the time. 

I have been moving forward, smiling, succeeding and failing. People made me feel good and bad at the same time. Again, at the end of the day it is just a perception. Sometimes you need that feedback in your face “Dear, you are doing something really stupid or that was done wrong”. Accept this disappointment, try to change for the better, learn from it and move forward. This is what happiness is about. It is an organic process full of joyful and not so embracing moments at the same time.

Sometimes we simply forget to accept it.

Sometimes the times when you cry because you are tired, pay off with a big smile at the end. And when you look back… it is not only the smile that matters but the crying process that brought you where you are at. 

You will be criticized and you will probably say something about someone that will not be taken so well. So, it is a combination of good mornings and sometimes bad afternoons, beautiful dates and terrible breakups, good friends and occasional loses, salary rises and mistakes that fail some projects. 

Yes it is life… being who you are and learning from it is a happiest moment of all. 

You can be the happiest person on earth if you accept your journey with all its flaws. You need to allow yourself to be a happy angry person full of little disappointments sometimes, because they lead to something better. Laughing through the tears sometimes feel so good!