I am a Woman,

…born from the ribs of a ‘Man’;

I am a Woman,

They say…I am Honour of the ‘Clan’.

I am Equal of a ‘Man’,

Very early this Comparison ‘began’… !

God made me beautiful…so I can ‘rejoice’…

But very soon they made their ‘choice’,

to protect me from ‘Tan’…,

from sun, wind, and lust of a ‘Man’.

Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife and ‘Gran’,

All roles, —–I adore ——–and ‘I can,

Give birth to a ‘Man’, protect my child, and hold his ‘hand’….

Yes…all the pain, I love and I do ‘withstand’…..

Yet…always for me…its they who take a ‘Stand’.

Marry me off—–to a distant ‘land’…

This, they do as quickly as they ‘Can’.

For that’s my ‘destiny’….and they save every ‘penny’..;

to make the ceremony — very ‘grand’.

Masters of my fate…they keep changing ‘hands’…,

so I don’t return…even if it gets very ‘bland’.

I embrace every change…I learn every ‘rope’,

Responsible, capable and full of ‘hope’.

Home and outside, Land and Space…all I can ‘Man… ,’

Yet those who ‘care’ …are always full of ’ scare’.

Join hands…they often do…to ‘Pry’…,

all the time…busy keeping an ‘Eye’…

And ever shouting loud,…“Ban, Ban, Ban “….

This was the story till I decided to ‘disband’,

All that kept my dreams slipping like grains of ‘sand’,

The time was ripe to take ‘command’,

I no longer look for a magic ‘wand’,

The joy and the power within is enough to ‘fan’,

My ability to live with purpose and ‘elan ‘ !

I am a Woman,

…. born from the ribs of a ‘Man’..;

I am a Woman,

They say…I am Honour of the ‘Clan’.


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  • Namita Sinha

    Success Coach and Life Coach ,Writer , Career Strategist, Corporate Trainer and Speaker

    A Certified Success Coach and Life Coach by profession, after 12 years of full time corporate stint leading Sales and Marketing teams chiefly with Multi National Banks, I have since past three years embarked on a new phase in my career , to explore my true calling – life coaching ,training ,writing and blogging. My seven year old daughter is my biggest motivation in life… I find myself blissfully busy aligning the joys and demands of motherhood, with my work ---needless to say both with equal passion. I believe life is all about unravelling the endless possibilities , celebrating our uniqueness and learning from all experiences towards a journey of consistent progress ! I am keen to help everyone unlock their infinite potential and build an extraordinary purposeful life.