Writing is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it starts out as drudgery. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it seems hopeless. Oftentimes it’s hard.

Whatever the experience, it usually gets better once you get going.

Almost always, it feels good when I’m done writing for the day. There is a feeling of accomplishment. There’s a feeling that I’ve done something worthwhile. Even if only a handful of people read what I’ve written, there is a feeling that I’ve fulfilled my purpose.

When the question looms large: “What am I doing here?” I must remember. Among all of the things I am to myself and to other people, I am a writer. I came here to write.

The biggest problem we face as writers is self-doubt.

Doubt waits like a hungry wolf at my door.

The minute I open my door, even a crack, cold winds of doubt seep in to douse my flame of inspiration, until it diminishes to barely a flicker. I lose my bearings. I am adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

We have all felt this way at one time or another.

There are times when all I can output are strings of useless words. At these times, in the worst of times, I must remember: I am a writer. I came here to write. I must not allow myself to be buffeted by the cold winds of doubt.

So, my dear friend, stay true to yourself. Always remember who you are. You are a writer. You came here to write. You came here to entertain. You came here to stir emotions. You came here to inspire others to look beyond their limitations. You came here to educate and plant visions of a better world.

You are a writer.

It’s a high calling.

Answer the call.