I am at my destination 



Whichever it may be

I used to live for you, you see

Now I live for me 

Destiny causes us to flow through life

Let, also, life flow through you

Why do you bother me?

Why do you knock on the door of my mind?

When the door of my heart is the one which needs to be opened 

Strict observance of the rules led to nowhere

But that’s because It was exactly where I was supposed to be

Nowhere, nobody 

From nothingness

You are created

I am created 

They say, if you don’t feel ecstasy while you pray, 

Then you are following the wrong religion

What was I looking for?

My peace was disturbed for the wrong reasons

Trust in Him

That you may find yourself in difficulty

Be always at your destination

Loss, grief or sorrow

Love, ecstasy 

Here, Now