Love Diaries

She was an introvert who disliked social gatherings. She thought no one would be in the library but she was wrong. Luna the librarian was stamping books and when Mia entered, she gave her a smile and asked her why she wasn’t participating in trick or treating.

Mia told her that those kinds of things weren’t her style and that she would rather prefer to read a book than waste her time asking for candies. Luna nodded and took out a book from the stamped pile she had kept aside. The book’s title was Love Diary. But before handing the book to Mia, she said something peculiar…

“And remember, Unseen Change Can Ignite Your Life”

Mia frowned but smiled anyway. She thanked Luna, turned around and opened the book. Mia was in awe when she found out that the story was handwritten just like a diary. She skimmed through the pages but froze when she saw a silver ring hanging by a thread inside. Enchanted by the beauty of the ring, Mia pulled it out and wore it. It looked beautiful on her finger as if it was meant just for her.

Suddenly, the lights went off and Mia’s body turned stiff. She was afraid of darkness. She turned around and called out to Luna but there was no response.

All Mia felt was a strange presence lurking around her. She was getting breathless. She quickly switched on her phone’s torchlight and turned around, but when she shone the light at Luna’s desk, a lady in a black gown and veil sat on the chair.

“Who are you…?” Mia asked.

The lady gradually looked up and revealed her deformed, burnt face. She smiled and whispered, “From now on, I’m you.” She laughed sinisterly and shortly thereafter, Mia’s battery died.

After a while, Mia came out of the library. She looked a bit weak and pale but she looked fine. Just then, a handsome guy who in fact was the most popular guy in her neighborhood approached her and immediately pulled out a rose.

“Hey there, I always see you walking past my house, isn’t your name Mia or something? I’m sorry I’m bad with names, anyway, would you like to be my date?” Mia was surprised but she smiled anyway. She accepted the rose and replied, “Actually, I’m Luna and yes, I certainly would.