Today felt like a bit of a doozy for some of you. As the expansion energy rolls on, overwhelm was up in a big way for some.

This is what came up:

“I can never have what I want/be good enough” and because I can never have what I want, when I start to get what I want, it brings up the fear and anxiety around knowing that ultimately, no matter what, I won’t make it/get there/be able to keep it… and even if I did, it’s not enough. and because it’s never enough, even when I’m balanced and receiving, I am overwhelmed because it’s not enough… and how can I ever get “there” …I can’t… which is depressing and causes me to feel stuck and not love myself…but I have the tools to shift and move into love…but when I am in love, it’s not enough…you can see where this stuff really could kick ya in the booty as you expand…as quick as this post is, this is HUGE for a few of you and should really shed some light on a lot of issues within the group as well.

“I AM ENOUGH.” I was enough before I even began ?

Love you all!!

Originally published at on July 6, 2017.

Originally published at