How healthy are you? Are you only beautiful on the outside? or are you beautiful on the inside as well?

A lot of us may say, I can eat what I want! do what I want! and who is going to stop me… ! Well guess what, I have the answer to who will stop you! If you are not properly caring for your inside self YOU will stop YOU!

Well I could stop there, but I won’t. I am in no way a specialist in health. But here are some of the herbal teas I and others I know, have used to clear up our skin.

Dandelion root cleanses your blood system of toxins that cause infections. Which helps cleanse the skin.

Cats Claw also known as “Fabara” boost the immune system which in turn fights off free radicals and prevents bacterial infections from producing in the skin.

Neem Leaf despite its bitter flavor, is an antibacterial super plant, that helps fight against bacterial infections such as eczema, helps cleanse the skin and can also get rid of lice on the scalp and in addition to that is also fights against malaria.

Bentonite Clay is a mineral the can be ingested or used for a topical treatment on your skin to help with inflammation, renewing skin cells, getting rid of dead skin cells, and can also help calm the skin from the itching sensation from chicken pox.