This is NOT me. I won’t be defined by it.

This outbreak as let to an “outbreak” of information and it can hard to stay immune to this flow of negativity. But we all have a built-in defense mechanism – our brain!

I’m “distancing” myself from the news, by being selective about what I watch and limiting how much I watch. My goal is to only get the information I need in order to make informed decisions. That’s it.

In addition to the physical things (social distancing, washing hands) we are doing I’m working on my ‘mental’ and emotional side – I need to distance my brain and wash it as well. Exercise, walks, meditating, proper sleep hygiene are all things I can do for myself that innoculate and cleanse my brain. Social contact of any kind is better than no contact. Even contact with animals!

All of this is how I can define myself instead of letting the virus and the news cycle define me. I’ll do what I can, but then it’s on to “what are my goals today” and “what I can move forward with”. Are you working from home what will you do with that extra time? Use it thoughtfully. Be informed by not defined by this outbreak.

PS – I’ve linked out to other great posts on this site. There are a lot – take advantage of this collective intelligence and Thrive.