By: Sue Sexton, MA Licensed Psychologist

I wake up and witness social injustices happening across the globe.   I am outraged.  I am saddened.  I desire change.  Children separated from their families.  Our country still silently oppressing Black people through poverty, lack of opportunity, and white privilege.  So many silently suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety, and trauma; due to lack of access to affordable treatment options.  The injustices in our world are vast.   Our awareness of them is growing as we have access to social media and breaking news within seconds of the event.   Oh, like you, my eyes weep with tears.

Yet, I BELIEVE when we unite for common outcomes, we shall prevail

Each of us experience our own version of injustice.  Yet, when we remain unhealed, we are triggered over and over again.  Outraged.  Demanding it stop!   Instead, its time to lean inward.  My Friend, its time to lean inward.  Change begins within.

Oh, but you will scream and say: NO!  That’s not enough!

I will gently hold you, as you scream, stomp, and demand for change.  For the injustices to stop!  Knowing, that deeply within you, there is a hurt child.   A younger you who was hurt, bullied, abandoned, neglected, thwarted, abused, and treated in unjust ways.   And my heart aches for you.  The time is now, to lean inward.   I will hold you, while you remember.   I will hold you, while you grieve.  I will hold you, and help you remember that you are always loved.   You are enough.

But what about everyone else!!!!!  You demand: going inward can’t be enough!  

I will gently hold you, reminding you that YOU ARE ENOUGH.   And you are loved.  Those who hurt you, were hurt.  And those who hurt them, were hurt.   So the time is now, to lean inward.   To tend to your wounds.  To feel.  To remember.  To heal.   See: hurt people, hurt people.   So, the time is now, to lean inward and tend to your hurt.   I am here with you.   You are safe.  You are loved.  You will help the next generation not be hurt.  You will no longer hurt people in the same way, when you heal.  You see, that is the secret power of healing.

Oh, I don’t want to feel.   I don’t have time for this.  There has to be another way!

Oh dear child, make time.   I am here with you.   To remind you, across time, that you are loved.  Gift yourself time to heal, feel, and return to love.   The time is now, to lean inward.

I BELIEVE when we unite for common outcomes, we shall prevail.

You see, our hurt and pain create separation.  You are triggered by the memories of your own pain, and attempt to change what’s outside of you, in hopes that the pain within will cease.   Focusing on the source of the pain keeps us separated: racism, gun violence, school shootings, black lives matters movement, #metoo movement, LGBTQ+ rights, antisemitism, starvation, war, or so many other social issues activate the pain within.   You are drawn to that issue because you FEEL it.  What unites us all in humanity, is that we ALL understand pain.  So, the time is now, to lean inward. 
Then ask: What do I truly Want?  If this issue were resolved, what would be the outcome?  How would I feel after I heal?

I BELIEVE when we unite for common outcomes, we shall prevail in:

| Love | Safety | Kindness | Acceptance | Security | Freedom | Harmony | Abundance | Connection | & PEACE |

Join me daily at 11:11 AM CDT to THINK PEACE across the globe.   For 2-3 minutes, allow your mind and heart to center in Peace-filled Thoughts.  Some examples can include: calm breathing, hugging loved ones, holding strangers hands, smiling at someone, putting arms down, seeing ourselves united despite differences, or a sensation of deep inner peace that all is well.    I BELIEVE when we unite for common outcomes, we shall prevail!

“Your thoughts matter, because they create matter”.