For a very long time 
i thought the world was lived 
through doing
i did and i thought
i lived through my head

my heart was something that beat, of course
but it was there to be pushed
and so I pushed it
felt it speed up 
i’d be on the treadmill, or such like

i never imagined there was a world all around me that I could feel into
i never realised there was magic underfoot
just logic – big sounds, big sights – the more the better
the louder the better

and when things ‘happened’ there was no magic
it was just so

and when i heard voices
those voices were my own
inside my head
and where there were unexplained happenings
they were coincidences
not the work of magic

yet now my senses are waking from a long, long slumber
and I begin to notice 
where for so long I did not
sounds I have never heard before dance on my senses
there is an unspoken language between me and my surroundings
not heard by many
the trees have come alive

the ground beneath me no longer one dimension
no longer flat, hard, something to walk on
now the ground beneath me sings
it leads to treasures – to the great fire that rages beneath our feet
and connects us as we look up 
into the sky and beyond 
to the sun

I feel connected
we are connected
this intricate web i had never felt before
silently weaves its way inside my heart
and in time it will bring me ever so gently to that place of infinite wisdom
and infinite space
it comes gently calling
and where i once ignored it
too busy to hear

now i can’t 
now i don’t want to
now i call it magic