I did it!!

I am following the advice of my best friend (who is also oftentimes my coach) and pausing at the completion of a milestone for a moment of self-acknowledgement and celebration.

It feels so awkward.

I’ve noticed a little weariness in my step recently. I’m someone who has a great track record of making things happen. I live passionately, leaning into adventures as they emerge. But recently it seems that all the wonderful moments have started to blur. And more than once I have lifted my head up and wondered if there is a finish line and if I will recognize it when I finally get there?

So, we are trying to put a finger on this fatigue.

And what happens once you’ve accomplished your vision, she asks?

Well, duh,

I start on the next one.

And that answer has landed me in this improbable pose exclaiming I did it!! while standing in a Wonder Woman pose, hands raised in fists, head up in the air.

I have been challenged to claim this moment of pride and joy.

For myself.

For something that I have done.


Bragging and self-congratulations are pretty high on life’s “do not do” list.

There is a deeply ingrained script in me that says “keep your head down, exceed expectations and just get on with it”.

Don’t make a fuss.

Give all the credit to others, and in the absence of others, just move onto the next thing.

Don’t make a big deal.

Be Humble.


This is the script going on in my head.

I’m still standing with my hands in the air.

I’m starting to sweat a little.

Weren’t you telling me that one of our primary drivers as humans is to be seen? Isn’t that what acknowledging your own accomplishment does? Doesn’t it allow you to witness yourself, your effort, your passion and your gifts while humbly paying homage to work well done, a moment well lived?

(this is a favourite trick of coaches, they love using your best wisdom against you). But I think I may have a point.

Now I’m feeling a little more curious than foolish. 

Homage to a life well lived….hmmm

When did I give up on celebrating me?

I can remember standing like this as a kid, proud as heck of the mud pies, impromptu plays, silly acts of kindness and an impressive (and never to be repeated) math score. When did I stop standing on my tiptoes with pride and glory beaming from my forehead, happy to be in my moment of accomplishment and contribution?

It is true, in failing to celebrate me (oh gosh, even writing those words still makes me feel embarrassed), I have stopped paying attention to my own spirit.

In skipping this step I have allowed myself to go unnoticed.  

And without that pause in pride, I take for granted my effort and my passion and I fail to refuel the spirit in me.

So I am experimenting with a commitment to stand up at the end of each accomplishment, big or small, and simply declare “I did it!” while throwing myself a huge smile and tipping my head back in a self-sustaining moment of joy. I’ll mark the moments so they don’t pass me by and so that I celebrate not only the world around me but the world within.

Will you try it with me? When you get the kids to school on time, or try a new recipe, or finish the edits on the story or shake the client’s hand, can you whisper a little “I did it” and honour the moment with a pause and celebration before you charge forward to the next finish line?

Go on, give it a try

Hands up, head tilted back,

“I did it!”


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