Disclaimer: This is neither a political rant nor an avenue to bash anyone of differing opinion.

Over the weekend a family member questioned my intelligence. Actually, it wasn’t just questioned, but rather insulted. To explain…

I made a choice to stand with many against hatred, violence, and in support of equality for all … that choice and my reasoning for doing so differed from this family member’s opinions. I’m proud of my decision, but because I did what I did (and my reasons), I was accused of not having all the facts and only getting my facts from the wrong sources.


Sadly, this family member has never asked me what I read, watch, or listen to. He’s never checked his own assumptions before launching into accusations of my lack of information or lack of intelligence.

As a life long learner and an avid reader of many news sources, books, articles, etc. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m a very intelligent woman capable of making informed decisions. Here’s the truth, I like to get as much information as I can about what happens in the world and not just from one source, but many. So if there is one thing that pushes a major button for me it is to insinuate that I’m not informed, and therefore not intelligent when it comes to certain matters.

Disagree with my viewpoint. That’s OK! But please, for the love of all creation, do not infer that I’m not intelligent because I have a differing viewpoint. And please do not make assumptions that I don’t do my due diligence, because I do.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 
Albert Einstein

Having a difference of opinion does not make one wrong, ignorant, uninformed, or uneducated. It’s those differing opinions that help us to learn, to grow, to change, to see things from a different perspective especially when shared from a place of respect for another’s intelligence and point of view.


My friends, if your intelligence is questioned because you hold a differing thought or opinion I’d like to offer you a few things to consider…

  1. A lack of intelligence is not signified by a differing viewpoint or opinion. A lack of intelligence is signified by the belief that one’s opinion is the ONLY opinion.
  2. If one is NOT willing to take our thoughts and opinions into consideration, please let’s do ourselves a favor; let’s not waste precious time and energy trying to get them to see things from our perspective. Instead, it helps to remember that it’s OK to agree to disagree.
  3. The only thing we ever have control over is how we deliver our thoughts and opinions. When we share from a place of respect, how the other person receives what we’re sharing is down to them.

At the end of the day, a difference of opinion can be a beautiful thing if it is delivered in a positive way. It only becomes ugly and unacceptable when it is used as a means to insult or belittle.

So to this family member I say, I love you. I admire that you’re passionate about your thoughts and opinions. I stand behind that passion. What I do not and will not stand behind is your using your thoughts and opinions as a means to insult my intelligence.

Just know that I’m always happy to listen to your point of view, provided that you share with the understanding that as an intelligent, capable woman, it is my right to respectfully disagree… for it is OK to disagree. In my disagreement I’m not saying that I’m right and you’re wrong. What I’m saying is that I just hold a differing opinion.

Until next time, here’s to standing firmly in our intelligence and exercising our rights to have a differing opinion. I send you much love and light, as always…

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