I stood transfixed outside an ordinary office building next to three of my co-workers. Frozen, I couldn’t even to fall to my knees in gratitude. Placing a hand tenderly on each woman’s shoulder, I wept tears of joy repeatedly whispering, “Thank you.”

Unblinking, smiling eyes filled with knowing returned my fearless gaze.

And then it was over.

The radiant, enigmatic balm of unconditional love revealed itself to me and friends I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years, time and space obliterated for but a fleeting moonshot through eternity.

I had transcended my body revealing love’s constant presence. My dream lasting only seconds, my first thought upon awakening: “My God, it’s not human.” The love we experience as humans is but a microcosm of the infinite.

What is and has been so striking with each of my unique out-of-body-experiences is that we unconsciously live with a constant low level of emotional pain or anxiety like static noise in the background. The Power of Now author, Eckhart Tolle, calls it the “pain body.”

When we pierce the veil or illusion of separation, the pain body instantly disappears just as the body disappears like a shadow exposed to sunlight.

I can’t keep this love to myself. If I could stand under a star-filled canopy and, like the aurora borealis, radiate it to the world to experience even for the same few seconds, I would willingly die at this moment to give you a taste of what you unknowingly bathe in.

  • Unconditional love is beyond human, but includes humanity.

As I stood with my friends, the walls of the building and town faded away to reveal rolling hills and blue skies in every direction. I felt unconditional love instantaneously envelop me like a warm blanket—an unending living field of aliveness. The feeling was indescribable, but I’ll try.

  • The human body is the veil itself.

I was in a state of pure, orgasmic ecstasy. Imagine the moment just before orgasm and hold—yeah, that. Like human eyes and the brain can only register a limited number of colors in the color spectrum, our body’s nervous is limited in what the five senses experience. There’s an entire metaphysical world beyond our physical senses reachable through higher states of consciousness. Orgasm is Creation’s reminder that even in a body, we have access.

  • Love is all there is, ever-present and everlasting.

To say love is a field of energy is not enough. The sky was made of love along with its connecting endless carpet of green. Invisible, the air was just as dense with this non-substance as was everything made manifest. Yet, my “world” was a dreamscape painted by Creation’s empty airbrush. Though everything stood still in reverence (not to itself, for there was no subject/object), it was clear the all was silently making eternal love.

  • Unworthiness, God, sin, are all human concepts.

This surreal dreamscape flowed through me, as me. The relief I felt along with pure joy was relief from being afraid, uncertain; relief from fear of death, fear of failure, fear of my own shadow. . . Oh, the sweet relief. Whether I was worthy wasn’t even a concept in this state. Why would you stand in the ocean as the ocean, knowing you are the ocean, and question if you are good enough to be the ocean?

  • Death and separation aren’t real.

I couldn’t move only because there was nothing to do except reverently be blissfully awed and thankful. Creation is a finished work. Humans “do” because we think we are separate from what we already are. I would have happily stood in that spot for eternity—and I do.

Your brilliant future is here now when you realize that your external physical world is but is a third-dimensional movie playing in the background. Your state of being (level of consciousness) is the brush that paints your reality. You can reinforce a 3D reality by adding the same level of content to it or you can aim higher.

Far more is witnessed, seen, understood, realized, completed, accomplished—fill in the blank—in this world by sitting in silent wonder, grateful to be alive. Take time daily from busy doing to BE. This is how you change your world.

Heaven on Earth, like unconditional love, is literally right in front of you!

Originally published at www.yourbrilliantfutureherenow.com