I am grateful for the gift of a naturally remarkable, introspective, personal, relatable, mirror like reflection and the story worthy tale that she as an extraordinary person beautifully captures in writing as if impressively creating a daily detailed, richly treasured, cherished, keepsake diary, creatively painting the distinctly meaningful idea of a picture and its important, impactful, conceivable message provided below for all to choose to read and/or openly, availably, contagiously participate in her most recent, life changing journey.

Tia looked radiant, I told her, willingly receiving the signals of a sign easily captured and repetitively rewarded through the eyes of a courageously brave mom, gently appearing just beyond. The simple photo of a freshly kept, short stemmed rose is her adorable ‘mini me,’ instantly sporting seasonally appropriate, matching, trending mommy daughter designer threads, representing likewise, stylish fashionistas.

A greyscale quickly grabs my attention, featuring an authentic boldness of one’s individually strong character happily brought to the surface through her discreetly, descriptively focused months long lasting fight with leukemia. The fruits of her labor magically appear through the convenient form and opportunity of a positively inspiring, encouraging smile. It’s the perfect excuse to cross promote the successfully popular, widespread ‘Together For Tia’ and ‘Motivation/Motivational Monday’ campaign on all combined platforms.

The constantly energetic spirit of family and friends not only highly encourage and support the millennial, Utah native during a specific time of need, but also include directly communicative, imperative staff members often featured helping out in the background, in her room, no matter the given circumstance.

Celebrating a uniquely recognizable struggle as if practically laughing off the pain of a certain challenge meets the normal, daring equivalent of dancing to the exact same song through each existent treatment cycle, again preparing to knock off the stats, excitedly returning for yet another independently categorical, admirable, identifiable, well achieved, acclaimed, deserved, defiant comeback.