‘I feel like a maid and I am going crazy with all the household chores’ – said my friend. Not one but many, without the helpers, during this Lockdown 2020 are facing challenges.

Me- Why don’t you take the opportunity to teach children a little of responsibility and chores.

Friend- It takes too much time, I might as well do the work. Also I am a perfectionist and don’t like their work.

I also faced these challenges when I started to delegate chores some time ago. Delegation is a core concept of management. Right task for the right person and right stimulus.

My teenage daughter is health conscious and volunteers for rigorous physical activity of mopping as she thinks she gets through her exercise routine. The younger one is happy dusting and tags along with his sister and tries to do everything she does.

Perfection is a progressive state. When training people, does it ever happen that trainee get everything right in the first go? Keep your expectation right as with children you will require patience, multiple repetition and showing how to do and working with them.

Is the effort worth it? Yes in the long run you have taught them life skills dignity of Labour, responsibility, interdependence and most of all right attitude to face the adversities of Life.