Like a cat chasing its own tail, looking for your purpose can feel like a never-ending pursuit. Luckily, the signs are usually right under your nose begging for your attention. Have you taken notice?

I always expected mine to be GRAND and BIG and MAGICAL. I was on the hunt for it, for years. Even as I kid, I’d track down adults and ask what they did with their lives, if it made them happy, and if they could do anything else what would that be. I went on to ask these same questions of myself and others, well into adulthood.

I was addicted to the pursuit.

Truth is, part of me didn’t want to know what my purpose was. If I did, it would require me to take responsibility and action in order to change my circumstances. It was easier, though slightly more uncomfortable, to feel stuck and continue questioning than to step onto a new path.

I was scared

…of how my relationships would shift.

…of how I would need to admit I’m really an entrepreneur and let go of the notion of a “fall back job” just in case things didn’t work out (read = I didn’t believe they could).

…of how long held beliefs about what’s possible for me would need to be chucked out the door.

Call it fear of success, fear of failure, or fear of adulting. The bottom line is I wasn’t ready to change…until I was. So I did.

Are you in hot pursuit of your purpose?

Do you have a sense of what it is and feel in alignment with it?

Consider this:

Your purpose doesn’t need to be found.

Your potential doesn’t need to be realized.

Your passion doesn’t need to be a daily activity.

Counterintuitive? Isn’t this what the self-help books and personal growth workshops are all about? Maybe. Let me suggest another way…

Let your life be about what lights you up.

Let your life be about enjoying the small moments.

Let your life be about feeling a genuine connection with others.

Let your life be about being of service, feeling useful, contributing.

Let your life be about paying attention to the signs and following your intuition.

You do this, and guess what?

Your purpose will find you.

It’s on the other side of delight. Around the corner from acknowledging what’s going well. In the conversation you keep returning to in your mind. It’s with each passing day where you evolve more fully into yourself. It’s in the mini micro aha’s. It’s in what your friends thank you for.

Your purpose isn’t just a specific job or a nicely summed up elevator speech. It’s you, your essence, how you show up in the world, and what you find yourself continuing to want to do. Funny how the minute you take your mind off of searching for it, there it is.

Or perhaps it’s been hiding behind the couch all this time.

Don’t let the search keep you stuck. Start where you are. Decide you’re ready for change. Know that now is a good time to start something new. Reach out for support.

Ready to go from stuck to started? From fear to clear? From searching for your purpose to being purposeful?


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  • Vanessa Smith

    Pragmatic Psychic | Alignment Coach | Accidental Comedian

    Being stuck is no fun. Nor is lacking the clarity around your next steps. It causes burnout. With a dynamic, fun, and unconventional approach, I help clients know what's really holding them back, how to shift it, and what their purpose actually is through psychic readings and strategic coaching. As a pragmatic psychic, I can see and hear information around the real reason you feel stuck and the specific to you steps to turn it around. It sounds fantastical, and it is. works, and has for the past 20 years. As a Certified Coach, I take the information gleaned and place strategy and structure around it. My lean is toward the practical and spiritual because you need both for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Time is valuable and my goal when we work together is for you to make the most of yours. Don't waste any more of your time, energy, money, or opportunities chasing down someone else's truth or abiding to false limitations in your own mind. Your life. Your legacy. Your truth. I help you set it up. For the last two decades, I've had diverse leadership, creative, and training positions in the field of health and wellness. I'm well versed in and enjoy utilizing multiple communication platforms, from public speaking to social media, content creation to the written word. Because I have a keen psychic sense of people and the underlying patterns that drive them, I'm able to shorten the process of "figuring out" what's going on. In addition, I'm a Holistic Health Educator and Advocate seeking to expand my network of holistic practitioners to feature on a show I have in development. In this format, my intention is to help demystify alternative therapies, highlight an integrative approach to health, and showcase the variety of options available.