There is a limit to everything in life – this is something we all know. We also know how the last 1.5 years has been across the globe with the pandemic creating fear in every individual’s heart. When it all started, not many of us would have thought that it will create such an havoc in each individual’s life. So was my mum, especially after recovering from a major life threatening disease and being minimal mobile for approximately an year. Being a person who loved travelling , after her return from Melbourne to home in Feb 2020 she had plans to travel to another international destination. Her dream was literally shattered to pieces as the entire world went into different phases of lockdown and travel was no where an option in the near future.

All that she then did was to stay home – stay safe as she came under vulnerable category of individuals whose immune system could easily be compromised and she was at high risk of infection. Being a 65 year old, she deviated herself by learning to bake and there came a point when she baked different types of breads, cakes, pizzas etc. Except for minimal raw material everything else was home made. That is how she occupied herself with her new learning. Things started to get better by end of last year here in Australia for us and we were being hopeful of it being the same even with mom’s place. Slowly they stepped outside to take a ride in car and get some fresh air. She now saw life outside of 4 walls after almost 10 months of being confined in house. The minute the ray of hope started to build up, situation took a deep u-turn as the second wave hit and the cases just started rising and rising.

As we spoke today, she made this statement – I am tired of the current situation ! Enough is enough Poornima.

The minute I heard her say this, I was reminded off how she always told us during our childhood days – “Something that cannot be cured, must be endured”. I smiled and reminded her of her own statement and added to it – “Amma (Mom), something that cannot be cured, must be happily endured”. I know most of us have gone through tough times and are still facing lot of challenges with the way today’s situation is across the world, but my dear lovely people, do we have a choice? Definitely when we cannot control the situation, we can make the best of it. How do we make the best of current situation ?

  1. Why not pick up a lost hobby and give your best to it ? The pleasure of doing something you always loved is immense.
  2. How about learning a new skill? My mom learnt how to bake at 65 and with a critical life threatening health condition. If she can, so can you !
  3. COVID has taught us that everything can be done online. Have you explored an opportunity to enroll to either a fitness class or a meditative practice that will calm and soothe our soul ?

These are just few options that I personally explored and love sharing/recommending to you. When you look deeply in yourself, what you want to do and how you want to cope in these tough times is lying right inside you. Take that opportunity to understand yourself and make the best of it.