I gotta feeling thrive global

I believe that the most important brands in the world make us feel something.

These rare companies, organizations, NGOs, startups, B Corps — have something to say.

They have something to change.

These brands have a reason to exist and over and above profit — they have a purpose.

When you stumble upon these rare brands who own their all-encompassing purpose, they make you feel warm and tingly inside.

They expand our hearts. They extend our awe.

These rare brands move us to be part of the change.

These crazy companies compel us to be part of purpose.

Purpose is an incredibly powerful thing.

It provides the strength to fight the impossible.

The most important brands in the world are alive.
They are human.
They carry our burdens.
They bare their souls.

We love the products they make but love their progress towards potential even more.

We’re proud of them.
We respect them.
We love them.

And in recessions and downturns, we rally around them.

How do you personally build a purpose-driven brand?

Start by finding a problem you care about.

Start by asking:

Does it matter to you?
Does it matter to your customer?
Is it good for the planet?
Is it good for the human?

Then start solving it.

What’s your favorite purpose-driven brand?
What’s a brand that you can’t live without?

Do share!