Stress is a funny thing.  We create our own lives, but we tend to focus on what we can not control.  We’ve been programmed to think and feel in certain ways.  I found myself many times trying to control situations that were beyond anything I could do because I thought that is what I had to do.

All I knew is that I no longer could stay in a corporate job and wanted my own business.  I wanted to be a Virtual Assistant.  I knew I could do this with the skills I had acquired over the years.  I did all the research before taking the leap.  I thought I had captured everything there was to know about starting a business.  I had money to help me through six months, but I found that was not enough.  I also did all the training I could find to improve my skills.

After a few months into my business, everything just became too overwhelming for me to handle. I was doing everything but getting clients.  When my hair literally fell out, I knew something had to change.  I was drowning! I fell to the ground crying and praying for God to take everything away.  It was his turn to carry the burden.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Right then, I MADE the decision to learn to swim.

I mustered the strength to get up off the ground, sit at my desk and turn on my computer.  My eyes were drawn to an email about how to network on LinkedIn and how to create posts that would catch the attention of my audience.  The online event was that very afternoon.  I jumped in and took all the notes.  When the event was over, I created my first post on LinkedIn.  This is the amazing part.  Within five minutes I had my first message from a potential client needing a virtual assistant.  God can’t take over any better than that!  I cried again but this time for gratitude and joy.

But that’s not the end.  I focused on taking care of that one client but forgot about finding new clients.  I did go to a few networking events, but nothing came from that.  Then I decided to move to my home town.  Once there, I just couldn’t get into the groove of working on new clients.  I spent all my energy focusing on what I didn’t have.  Once again, I had to pray for God to take all the anxiety and negative energy away.  I had to get my mind on positive thoughts and my goals.  The next amazing part, my one and only client referred me onto another consultant needing virtual assistant help.  Now, I get referrals from my clients almost monthly.

The moral is, as Dory would say, “Keep on swimming.”  Focus your energy on the positive and your dreams.  God will give them to you if you give your all to him!