I am not Sheena Easton, I do not sit home all day waiting for the “5 o’clock train” waiting for my husband to come home and entertain me after I spent all day waiting for him. I am out there with him, making our dreams come true. 

As a working parent, maintaining balance is something that everyone hopes and wishes for, which leads to the idea that we can have it all. I feel like I do have it all. I have all of the stress, guilt as a mom, guilt as a business owner, and as a wife. Definitely in that order, too. I also have the most amazing highs, wins, and rewards doing it all. There is so much excitement when you find your own rhythm. Not all days are perfect, but there are those days when everything is clicking and you feel like you can do and be anything; those are the days when you know Jeff Bezos has nothing on you. That’s when it’s all worth it. 

It’s an amazing feeling to know I have built an amazing business from concept to a brand that is sold internationally. I own a tequila brand. I own a business that is regulated by the Mexican government. It is produced in another country, imported into the USA and other EU countries and sold in bars, restaurants, and is seen at some of the hottest events in the world. I built it, named it, and recently redesigned it all. I own it. It’s a legacy brand for our family. I stare at the bottles on the shelves and back-bars and am in awe of it. I have literally put my fingerprint on tequila. 

Nothing is easy. I love what we have created-our story, our failures, our wins. I love that I have had so many cool experiences throughout the process of start-up to arrival- some amazing and some awful, but I know that I can handle almost any situation with confidence and ease because of these experiences.

Building a business from the ground up while having children is so hard yet so rewarding.  I have learned to include my kids in my day to day. I explain why I am frustrated with something and have them give me suggestions on how to handle those situations. 

4 tips for working moms and dads:

Include your kids in the journey.

Include your kids in your business. Explain how you are feeling and have them give you advice. They always surprise me and have such positive energy and feedback. Also, explain your feelings. If you come home in a bad mood or a great one, explain to your kids why. Share your experiences. They get to learn from you. Don’t try to pretend for your kids. They see right through you. If you are stressing about work, let your kids know, “I’m in the middle of a deal, but I want you to know I am here for you, I’m just a little distracted.” 

Be OK with saying no.

While building our spirit brand, I have learned I have to say “no” to things that are good for everyone else but me. If it’s not in alignment with my goals for my family or my business, I have to decline. You cannot be at your best when you are running on empty.

Be conscious of who you surround yourself with.

I’ve learned to only hire people that have the same work ethic, values and drive. This is important when moving at a fast pace. I love to hire people that share the same passion as me. I have a solid core. I want people around me that also have a solid core. I am always connecting with people. This is so important to have people around you that are innovative, passionate, and driven to learn and grow from. Share your story with others, inspire them, and help to encourage others to go for their passions and goals. I’m running this race of balance and building, share your excitement, it’s infectious. Everything is attainable if you are willing to work. I can have anything I want, if I work for it. 

Make time for self-care.

Finding time for me, where I don’t feel like it has to be justified or apologized for, is something I am working very hard on. It is not selfish or irresponsible to just take time to do something I enjoy that is for me. I find I am healthier for my kids, my employees and my clients and customers. Spending time for me, riding horses or taking an annual major trip where I can disconnect, is what we all need. It reminds us that we are not just here to serve in one capacity, but that we have depth, dimension, we are interesting, we have things to share other than what we accomplished at work today. It is what drives me. 


  • Lisa Barlow


    VIDA Tequila and LUXE Marketing

    Lisa Barlow is the definition of a serial entrepreneur.  Across multiple industries and platforms, Lisa started creating and selling early on in her career.  Lisa has owned everything from luxury restaurants to luxury liquor brands. Barlow’s marketing company is the incubator for multiple brands including her own liquor portfolio to lifestyle brand across multiple industries including, beauty, apparel and more.  Lisa and her marketing company, LUXE, is well known in the entertainment industry for making things happen: from finding the perfect deal for a celebrity to creating the perfect space and environment for launching a new movie or TV show, she has you covered. Within the very organized chaos, Barlow’s is always loyal to her brand, VIDA TEQUILA. Barlow’s vision for VIDA is to better embody what Mexico is today. Mature, modern, and complex. Empowering women comes naturally for Lisa. She is one of 5 girls (with an amazing brother, too) and she was raised to be independent and to support all women. Raised in NY, she currently lives between Park City and SLC,  Utah with her husband/business partner, John Barlow, their 2 sons, Jack and Henry and new addition, Weimaraner, Kendle Barlow.