Crystals are much like living beings. Each and every has its own frequency vibration and can help us in very different fields in life.

Since a child I have been very curious to learn how to work with crystals, but I have also been very hesitant. It may all look so weird at one point or another. Maybe it is just imagination and stuff, the Harry Potter kind of thing, but later on, it was that crystals found me.

Cluster of citrine crystal, source: Pixabay photos

As I was working for a couple of years at a 9-to-5 job, I finally made a decision that I would leave this job and seek something new. As I made the decision, it was the same day when I randomly walked into a shop for crystals and gazed upon a cluster of beautiful citrine stone which is a variant of the quartz.

I purchased it from the vendor and immediately went home to see how should I work with crystal. I have been hearing about it a lot. Have heard all the different tips how to cleanse them, so on and so forth.

During my short research I found out that citrine healing crystal and stone exactly helps your third chakra, or Solar Plexus in times when you bring perplexed decisions about changing your career, having to deal with some serious business or talking with authorities.

Of course, my decision to change job bothered me a lot. It would mean that I had to leave job, leave my comfort zone and leave secure payments, just so I seek career in something new that I was still not certain and 100% sure what it will be.

As I was feeling overwhelmed and I felt some sort of pain in my Solar Plexus, I cleansed my newly purchased crystal and started to wear it in my pocket, though I was hesitating a lot whether I am just playing stupid or not.

But actually the crystal started to respond back. I hold on to it when I announced my colleagues that I am leaving, that I need something new and something more from life. I hold on to it when I was going through job announcements later on. The crystal resonated with me each time I felt reluctant, insecure and worried. It would somehow magically encourage me to just keep on walking my way, to just keep on looking straight ahead and visualize my new prosperous future.

Finally, the crystal was with me when I received the first new job offers and it gave me the self-esteem to start the walk on my new career path as a freelancer and blogger. Of course, this is just one experience, and it was a work done with one crystals.

At Meditation Talks we have shared a selection of 9 more healing crystals and stones that I think each curious mind can consider and work with to advance in some field of life. I would much appreciate if you take a look here, and engage for a comment below!

Do you believe in the healing potentials of crystals? If you have had a positive experience by working with crystals, feel free to share!

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