“It’s a really tough business. The market is saturated. The likelihood of success is slim to none. Be prepared for a tough road ahead. I’m skeptical.”

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Rarely do we hear; “That’s fantastic! You’re going to do really well,” when seeking advice or the opinion of others whose business sector we’re interested in exploring. What makes matters worse, is that if we are at all questioning ourselves then this kind of feedback will have us doing an about face and saying; “Ok then. Nope, this is not for me. I’m not going to bother exploring any further. Thanks, Fred, for setting me straight.” If we constantly fed into this negativity, then we’d probably find ourselves not budging. 

Could it be that our own limiting beliefs and self-sabotage thinking is getting the better of us? I think, YES.

Every decade say’s to the next; “In my day you didn’t complain. You just sucked it up and got it done.” “So, what that you don’t like what you’re doing. Do you have any idea how lucky you are to even have a job?” Or “You think you have it bad? I had to walk 10 miles in 5 feet of snow, with ice pelting down on me to get to work.” 

Look, I get it, when we’re not feeling that great about ourselves, or if we feel others have it easier than we do, our ego kicks in to say; “Nope I’m not going to make it any easier for another person,” when REALLY we should be the beacon, the guiding light, that helps navigate the direction in which another wants to take. 

There’s a fine line between one’s dreams and one being a realist. The problem is that most lean toward being a realist and therefore dreams don’t stand a chance of ever being realized. If, however we enable the dreamer to dream, then eventually one will learn if one has the talent and skill for something. It may take a while and yet it’s never a waste of time if one’s learning and growing from the experience. I’m a firm believer that once one starts down a path, other opportunities (if one’s eyes are wide open) will appear. That’s where the magic takes place.

As well, everyone thinks their “industry or business” is the toughest to break into. 

My question is; “how badly do you really want something?” What limiting beliefs have you already manufactured in your mind that will sabotage your efforts? What are you willing to do? What’s your hustle temperament? By hustle I mean, how hard are you willing to work to get what you want? However, this need, no MUST come from a place of authenticity. You MUST, and yes, I’m quoting from my book: Be Your Truth; “To be your truth starts with bridging the gap between what you say you’ll do and what you actually do.” This is where words need to bow out so that action can take place.

The next time someone discourages you from doing something that you really want to pursue, look to yourself first. Explore within you if this is something you really want to try or be doing. Please keep in mind that everyone comes with a different perspective based on their own biases. This shouldn’t influence you one way or the other. The key is to gather information that proves helpful to you and draw from your own conclusions.

At the end of the day, trust that you’ll make the best decisions, and ask yourself; “Did I do my best?” 


  • Amy Goldberg

    Founder + CEO @ Push Back [Action, Growth, Engagement Strategist, Writer], International Speaker, Author, Producer [Creative Entrepreneur]

    Push Back

    Amy Goldberg is a creative entrepreneur + founder + CEO of Push Back; 'creating things to inspire people.' Often you need to push back to push forward. Amy's book BE YOUR TRUTH shows people how to identify, defeat, and deconstruct the inner barriers preventing us from taking decisive action. Her work includes creative producing, action, growth & connection strategy, business building, well-being advocating and writing. She works with several business sectors and thrives where she can share how to rethink and redefine the way business is run, and how one can lead a vibrant and optimistic life.