Matt James Hersh

How many times do you come across people with science and technology backgrounds who get into business and perform better than their counterparts? Well, we surely know of one guy who is creating waves in the business coaching and consulting world and that’s Matt James Hersh. Hersh Research Institute is an entity that stands out in terms of helping clients build their ultimate business. After starting off on a bioengineering path, Matt has since pivoted to a business path and has been working in the industry for a few years now.

After getting a BS in bioengineering from Lehigh University, and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Dartmouth, Matt landed a corporate consulting job at a prestigious firm in Boston. Fitness had always been an integral part of his life, so while at the consulting job he created a blog called FitInCorporate that included workouts, meal plans, and all-around advice for staying fit while working an 80-hour a week desk job. (Hint, one of his biggest secrets is a standing desk.) Matt’s corporate job was slowly exhausting him, and he was ready for a change. He wanted to converge his skillset of strategy consulting with his passion for fitness and long-term health. He signed on to The Brand X Method for a 3 month stint. 

This company’s mission was to teach children proper movement and exercise techniques to avoid injury. When the three months were coming to an end, Matt told us, “I knew there was more I could do there. I presented an I’ll-take-you-to-the-moon proposal to the management team. They loved it and I became COO and co-owner of the business.” Matt helped Brand X continue to expand and helped them get seed funding as well as launched an upgraded line of products. Matt loved working with his partners, but hadn’t found his true passion. He was still grinding all the time and exhausted just like he was at his corporate job, and he was making a lot less money.

He gave back his shares and decided it was time for a big change. He realized, “Instead of thinking in career stepping stones, it was time to take a leap into my vision and create my ultimate business in a way that would give an unlimited life.” He optimized for freedom, happiness, and meaningful impact and made every single decision in line with the vision of the life he wanted to live.

It is an inspiring journey for everyone out there. No one knows exactly when their life is about to change drastically. With his vision and his expertise, Matt is all set to grow and build an empire. More power to people like Matt who face struggles, roadblocks, and drastic career changes but emerge stronger and more successful.