I hope you fail. And I mean it.

Hear me out though, because I love you. I mean that too.

Let’s break down two scenarios of you jumping into something big, bold, and exciting (read: scary) in 2019…

Scenario 1: You jump. Now, needless to say, with big, bold, and exciting (read: scary) things, there are many moving parts. Obviously. And, in Scenario 1, each of these moving parts does exactly what it’s supposed to do without a glitch.

So, right out the gate, you move effortlessly and swiftly to “success” hitting zero hurdles, zero walls, and zero necessity to self-correct or…
(wait for it), without learning a THING.

That’s right. You didn’t learn anything in scenario 1 (Insert farting noise here).

Scenario 2: You jump. You have your big vision. The details, however, are murky, as details sometimes are until after you jump and dig in.

So, you start digging in.

While implementing some of the many moving parts needed to make this big, beautiful, and exciting (read: scary) dream a success, there are glitches. Lots and lots of glitches.

You start to self-correct/navigate your way through the number of hurdles and walls you’re hitting on your path to creating your big vision.

Some stuff works the first time around (not much though – let’s be honest). Some stuff works the second time around… after a few tweaks. And most stuff is working after several rounds of tweaking, gut-checking, realignment, and grounding.

End Verdict? You failed a ton, self-corrected a ton, and learned a ton in Scenario 2.

Here’s the funny part about these two scenarios though. We all think we want Scenario 1! That is, until you outline it and really think about it – which is what we’re doing right now. And wanting Scenario 1 – thinking it’s even REMOTELY REALISTIC – keeps us stuck not doing anything.  

So, now that you see that a zero failure scenario 1 is ridiculous. And you’d cheat yourself out of learning anything. (Wait, did you think you were going to create something big, beautiful, and exciting without learning anything? No. EXACTLY. That’s the whole point: To live and learn as best we can doing things we love that make us feel alive.)

So, read back over Scenario 1 and then, dear one, decide you’re going to fail this year.

Decide that every glitch you (will inevitably) hit is an opportunity to learn something. To self-correct/navigate. To gut-check. To ground yourself. To connect and strengthen your relationships with strong and empowering people who are going to cheer you on. To decide you get to have everything you want. Decide this big, beautiful, bold, and exciting (read: scary) dream of yours gets to be non-negotiable.

So… yes. I hope you fail. Because if you’re not failing, you’re not living. If you’re not failing, you’re not doing anything.

And I want you doing things. Really awesome things.

Because, remember: You have a purpose. You have a mission. And your work is so very needed.

Love you the most,

Meadow Merry