One of the most embarrassing blemishes on the otherwise impeccable robe of the modern human society is anger-induced violence. As the appellation goes, anger which unfortunately risks your health, both physical and mental, is at the centre. The said anger-induced violence has manifested in some scary shades and shapes in recent times. It’s emphatically self-evident that more and more people are pouring out their anger towards the community in the forms of some dastardly crimes.

Anger is a prerequisite for violence; it has been linked to troubled mental health. People with frayed mental health are by far more likely to exhibit inordinate anger than those who are not. Especially murder-suicide offenders.

An excessively angry person is potentially a violent person. And such a person is a waiting candidate for heart attack or stroke.  

I think, more than ever before, we need anger management skills.  

Learn to Control Your Anger:

 Anger is a feeling which may be positive or negative. When you learn to be practical, you’ve learned to approach issues cool headedly and logically. It’s a key skill many lack and are paying for dearly. And when you get practical with your life, you’ll save yourself and your community the ineptitude and misdirected anger that is prevalent these days.

Agreed, current time is harsh. But you can still manage to protect your wellness and especially your mental health. If you give yourself up to the myriad of hostilities you’re exposed to on a daily basis in today’s world, you can easily plunge deep into the dark alley of inordinate anger and ultimately self-destruction. 

It’s been a time with higher numbers of cringe-inducing crime reports than ever. From sick domestic violence cases to multiple murder-suicide cases. In fact, there have been a number of family mauling cases too.

But you can actually do much better with your life, and even help your community get better.

Why not get hold of your financial life?

Manage Your Financial Life Well:

We’ve got passive-aggressive anger bottled within by apparently happy people. This is in contrast to spontaneous anger. The truth is that we are all susceptible anger. For many of us, having financial problems can induce anger and by effect drain positive energy/anger out. But particularly, passive-aggressive anger to emanate from having a financial problem.

Meanwhile, if you want to be productive, you must be happy.  Being happy is a case of so many factors. Financial security is one of such factors. Having this is a plus for you on your path to living healthily.

In the past, financial problems have pushed many to end their own lives or take other peoples’ lives. In other words, if you feel financially secured, you’ll be mentally sound and socially fit.

But how best can you do this?

Learn a trade/vocation:

Learning a trade can be a lot more affordable than starting a business. When you sell services, you need little to no start-up capital.

Although corona virus outbreak has impacted many facets of our lives rather negatively, it has also taught us some positive lessons. One of such lessons is that we can do so many businesses without having a physical office. This means a big cut in the start-up capital needed.

Start a small-scale business:

Business pay no doubt. The main challenge is raising the start-up capital. The good news is that there are a number of government loans and grants targeted at small-scale business owners and investors. You can explore this opportunity.

Just make sure you know what you are doing. Do a thorough market survey before dabbling in, so that you will know you are doing a feasible business.

Thank God, there are lots of resources you can avail yourself of these days. Voco is a typical one that helps your organise your business activities seamlessly.

Believe it, your small scale business can thrive big in no time if you do things right.

Tap into others’ ideas:

Instead of competing with the people around you, collaborate with them. I think your greatest asset are the people around you. Those you come in contact with virtually every day. You must have heard about the word ‘hybrid’ or ‘synergy’. It’s simply the key to the secret.