Carl Jung said “Somewhere our unconscious becomes material, because the body is the living unit, and our conscious and our unconscious are embedded in it.” He is saying that our thoughts, feelings and experiences become part of our bodies, whether we are conscious of it or not. Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Body” was one of the first mainstream books to discuss this concept in detail and few people are aware that Jung wrote about it in general terms first. Jung’s statement epitomizes the work I do as a Medical and Emotional Intuitive. I believe that unless a person addresses the true, root causes for illness or symptoms, he or she will never heal, regardless of how much physical treatment is received.

My background and life experience have led me to work differently from most other medical intuitives. I’m not claiming to be better, because that would be arrogant, but I do know that I am different as my clients and practitioners I work with tell me. In general, medical intuitives are able to determine what is going on in the body and sometimes the cause, without examining a person or getting very much information. Sometimes they can even see inside the body.

The first thing I do differently is that BEFORE ever meeting, talking to a person or even seeing a picture, knowing only a person’s name and age (I only need a first name), I do a full reading, creating a four page detailed, physical, emotional and spiritual report and a symbolic painting. I work with people all over the world so I email this information about a half hour before our phone or Skype meeting, during which I also get more information from my guides and Spirit. Another unique thing I offer is the ability to ask further questions after the reading without extra charge and follow up which includes me looking at blood tests, doctor reports or other information and making more recommendations at no extra charge. Every case is different.

I am hired by people with illness or symptoms as well as people who are generally healthy who want more information about how to feel even better. In every case, I seek to determine the core, root issues for anything that might be contributing to any negativity, discomfort, relationship or work issues, spiritual concerns and more. My other main goal is to help people connect to their intuition and to accept themselves completely, without judgement. I believe that if these last two goals are met, true health can be achieved and without it, lasting emotional and physical health are impossible. My philosophy and my ultimate goals are probably what sets me apart the most from other medical intuitives or mediums.

I am often asked where my information comes from. Since I am a certified medium, one source is the loved ones of the client. Sometimes they have important information to share. I frequently receive information for family members also. The other sources of information are my guides and Spirit, which some people call God or Universal Knowledge. As long as it is positive, loving energy I welcome it. I see and hear words in my head, see pictures of scenes, people, the body and objects, see symbols and colors and feel things in my body. I control when this happens because if it came through all the time it would be difficult to function.

What do people do with information about the core issues creating symptoms or happiness? Sometimes it means making very difficult, frightening changes like standing up for themselves, changing relationships or jobs, taking care of themselves, eating differently or taking creative risks. Often it it means owning and accepting their own power after a lifetime of being told they weren’t important or didn’t have a right to speak. I always tell my clients that they are just as important to the reading as I am and that I don’t want them substituting my judgement for their own. If something doesn’t resonate, it may make sense later or it could be for a family member but sometimes I have interpreted it incorrectly from Spirit and we need to figure it out together. The information is rarely incorrect but my ego and “common sense” can get in the way and misread it.

Of course, I work with people on the physical body including nutrition, supplements, genetic conditions, movement and helping people connect with health professionals who can confirm my findings and do accurate testing as well as preferably natural treatments. I work with alternative and traditional practitioners all over the world. I also help people work through creative blocks, discover creative abilities, find their voice and figure out their purpose.

Health means different things to different people and there are no cookie cutter recipes. A nutrition plan, exercise schedule, method of meditation, supplements and environment that spell success for one person, may make someone else feel horrible. We have the answers within ourselves but often information from someone else and the other side can provide help and support to get us started or re-motivated. You you never know, maybe you will discover that you have intuitive abilities yourself. Medical and emotional intuitive readings can reveal amazing things!

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  • Katie Beecher, MS, LPC.

    Medical Intuitive, Licensed Counselor & Medium My eerily accurate abilities are featured on Goop, Gwenyth Paltrow's online magazine.

    For more information about me and my medical and emotional intuitive readings please click on my website. My readings come with a four page report, symbolic body painting and follow up. My ability and accuracy has been verified by physicians and medical records in article in international peer reviewed journal. I have thirty one years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and I'm writing a book about my recovery from an eating disorder and Lyme Disease using Jungian Counseling, recovering from a dysfunctional family and my life as a medical intuitive. To follow my Facebook page the link is I have over 100 five star reviews.