Happy New York Primary Day!! If you still don’t know where your voting location is, go HERE. The polls are open until 9 pm. Does anyone else love the Armando Lanucci (of VEEP) film “In the Loop?” There’s a scene that I particularly remember of the main character’s plight in trying to build a better fence in his backyard and coming up against his neighbor and coding laws. Anyway, it was a terrific showcase on why local politics matter so much in every day life and, as a proud New Yorker, I can’t wait to get to my polling location today.

Switching gears, I was surprised with the amount of people telling me to keep doing these lists. Mostly because I really do enjoy doing them, which makes me happy to call this “work.” I won’t question this until you tell me to. One thing for new subscribers. I try to keep this list fun. I hope you think of it as a welcome break from the hard news being thrown your way every day.

In no particular order, some things I’ve been digging…

This organization based out of Montauk will help restore your faith in humanity. A Walk On Water (“AWOW”) provides Surf Therapy to children with special needs or disability. I’m a native Nebraskan who married into surf royalty years ago, but until this summer I didn’t realize the profound affect this therapeutic sport would have on me and my family. This summer I got to see my own son (who is 6, shy, trying to find his way like every little person in a big world) magically change into a more confident being after taking to surfing. I cannot say enough good things aboutAWOW.

“For one perfect, restorative day at the beach, there are no labels. Everyone is an Athlete.” Humans are good.

On the art tip. I’m eyeing Brancusi at the Guggenheim, David Wojnarowicz at the Whitney, andWolfgang Tillmans at David Zwirner.

I really like these marble fruits spotted in Leandra Medine’s apartment tour! (Scroll through photos to see the fruits!)

You may have noticed that it was “fashun” week. I’ve sort of learned to accept the fact that during this time of year I will always feel like a loser. That being said, after starting this company, I’ve learned to have a deep respect for any creative being that manages to spit that energy out in physical form to the world. My favorite of the week: Batsheva.

Photo via WSJ

Batsheva, who I met at a “mommy and me” tea party 5 years ago (see!? moms CAN be fashion leaders!) took over a diner in Tribeca and filled it up with cool real girl models in her glam-o-rama prairie dresses which feel oddly fashionable and subversive. There are pioneer women roaming the city and she’s the leader of the herd!