Unhustle beach walk in Baja

You’ve been told a lie.

And because of that lie, you are overwhelmed, anxious, stressed out, time-deprived. You may even be depressed or burnout. Because of that lie, you sacrifice your health, your relationships, your worth, your productivity, and your identity. Even your life.

For what?

So you can buy more things, for which you don’t have time for. So you can impress more people, you don’t even know. So you can create a life that’s not even your life, but it’s what society says your life “should” be.

You hustle. And this is partially my fault.

The lie? The lie is that success is defined by the zeros on your paycheck, by your title, by the hours you put into your work, by the size of the house you live in. I used to believe in the lie. I used to believe in the “success trap. I contributed to your “retail therapy” addiction. As someone who spent 20 years in marketing and advertising, I know a little bit about how to get you to pay attention. I know how to get you to take action. But now the only action I want you to take is to take a really good look at your life and in the words of Mary Oliver:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

You suffer and sacrifice everything for the hustle. You work endless hours to achieve “success”. Meanwhile, your health, happiness, and fulfillment are missing. You are exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted. You put exercise and taking care of yourself last on the priority list. You tell yourself that “someday” you will take a day off. “Someday” you will go on vacation. “Someday” you’ll get to the gym. You tell yourself that you are doing it all for your family. When in reality, all they want is for you to be present. All your family wants is you.

When I realized that I need to make a drastic change in my life, I went on a 10-day “digital detox” trip to Baja, Mexico. One thing led to another and a few years later, Unhustle was born. You can read the full story here.

Sitting in our Baja home, watching the sunrise the other morning I wrote down the things I have lost and found in my journey so far. Here’s my list.

Lost and Found

LOST: The belief that Success = Money

FOUND: Courage to design a life based on my values

LOST: Thinking that my work equals my worth

FOUND: Defined my worth outside of work

LOST: Being glued to a screen

FOUND: Experienced the feeling of freedom and connection with nature when out in the ocean kitesurfing

LOST: Social media addiction

FOUND: The joy of being unplugged and taking time each morning to do yoga, meditate, write

LOST: Daily distractions resulting in working more and accomplishing less

FOUND: Intention and flow resulting in being able to do less, and make more

LOST: Endless mental chatter

FOUND: Consistent mindfulness practice

LOST: Ego driven mindset

FOUND: Commitment to doing what feels right in my gut and not my head

LOST: Saying yes to everything and everybody that pushed my business further

FOUND: Saying no to everything that doesn’t align with my values or purpose

LOST: Doing because society says so

FOUND: The art of being and slowing down

LOST: Stomach pains, hospital visits, and broken relationships

FOUND: Being present, practicing gratitude daily, creating a community, and listening to what my body needs

LOST: Finding momentary satisfaction through shopping

FOUND: Contentment from living a simple life

LOST: Working evenings and weekends

FOUND: Being present for my family on evenings and weekends and living in paradise

LOST: Fear of what others are doing

FOUND: Slowing down and watching the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez from our bedroom window

LOST: Getting lost in a sea of competition

FOUND: Finding my purpose in life and creating my difference

LOST: Hustle

FOUND: Unhustle

If you had a list like this, what would you put down?

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