I love Christmas! because it’s fun and it’s festive and it’s spiritual and reflective and connective. I love Christmas because it’s warm and cuddly and pretty and beautiful and sparkly and blingy. I love Christmas because it’s about giving and receiving and about the highest and the best and “believing.”

Is Christmas this way for everyone? When I look in the world at the oh-so-many-different-realities we are each living in, that question, “What does Christmas mean to you?” kept visiting the musings of my mind 🙂

Christmas is a time when we are deeply grateful for what we receive and enjoy in our lives, and a time when we feel compassion for those in our human family for whom this time brings up loneliness, lack or loss. It is a time where we are collectively focused on our connection to one another, to a deeper spiritual truth of existence and appreciation for the rich blessing of life.

Whether Christmas is for you deeply religious or “not your holiday,” a festive magical time spent with children or simply being in childlike wonder sprinkled in stardust, a loving time spent with family and friends, or a trying time of loneliness— the fact is that we all have a relationship to Christmas. Even the Scrooges and Grinches among us (or within us  have a relationship with Christmas.

Christmas is a time where the human heart resounds and reaches each and every corner of the world. To some Christmas is a ski holiday and a sun-drenched beach, marathon movies and gourmet goodies. To others, Christmas is a monumental moment of contrast when harrowing headlines belie the goodness and nobleness to which we aspire and desire for our world.

Whatever your personal belief or meaning, the fact and stories of an historical great being whose birth is attributed to this particular date, (though many countries and cultures also celebrate a variety of dates of their own), has brought forth the opportunity for remembrance of the highest aspects of our divine nature. To some, Jesus represents God come to Earth. To others, Christ represents a state of enlightened consciousness. And to still others, Jesus represents a seeker of wisdom who accomplished mastery of his own being.

Some members of the media have developed an annual habit of complaining about a “war against Christmas” or that people are trying to take the “Christ” out of Christmas just because some prefer to say “Happy Holidays!” out of respect for others’ beliefs. It’s pretty crazy some of the thoughts we humans have “unwittingly” taken ownership of, isn’t it?

To QuantumThink is to realize we are living in an Observer-created Reality. What you bring to your observation of life is what you get. The meanings you adopt and create give rise to how you experience your world. This is a great gift! It means we have choice.

I love Christmas because it gently and excitingly and exuberantly urges us to wind down and comfortably complete a yearly cycle as it heralds in the fresh new beginning and promise of a Happy New Year.

Whatever Christmas means to you, isn’t it so that we can — all of us — rejoice in its preeminent messages of Love and Joy and Compassion and Peace. We can revel in its Inspiration Proclamation: we can master what it is to live the highest and the best.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Happy Holidays!
Ho! Ho! Ho!


  • Dianne Collins | Creator of QuantumThink®

    Creator of QuantumThink®, Award-winning Author

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