I have a rather unusual job. I’m a Medical Intuitive. I actually call myself a Medical and Emotional Intuitive because the information I uncover goes so much deeper than just physical and medical. A large part of my work involves talking to Spirit and my guides to help people discover the root causes of what may be bothering them, physically, emotionally and spiritually, ultimately leading to optimum health and fulfillment of one’s Spiritual journey.

I am happy to say that I have a very busy practice. This means that people understand what I do and the message behind it. Unfortunately, I feel like we have a long way to go.

Spiritual and emotional factors being linked to health isn’t a new concept. A great deal has been written about the powerful connection between mind and body and that there is more to physical and emotional illness and healing than just body parts, bacteria, viruses, surgery and pharmaceuticals. What terrifies me and boggles my mind is that the “powers that be” have not caught on and are ignoring the needs and desires of the people.

Only 17 states have licensed Naturopathic Physicians and Medicaid will not even pay for them at all, even in states where they are licensed. There are other insurance companies who will not cover NPs either. Even in states where they are licensed, in many cases they still cannot prescribe. Most of the people I know and treat would prefer to see an alternative practitioner. Regardless, our government is forcing them to purchase insurance that may not pay for the health care they believe in or choose to receive.

According to the website Open Secrets, the American Medical Association spent $21,930,000 in 2015 and $15,290,000 so far in 2016 for lobbying and $2,128,008 on political contributions. According to Media Matters and the movie The Greater Good, 20% of the funding of the AMA comes from pharmaceutical companies. A 2015 article in the Boston Globe discussed the $311 million in undisclosed drug company funds funneled to physicians through consulting fees and other perks. An online article published on Forbes.com in 2013, written by contributor Steven Salzberg, entitled Alternative Medicine Providers Show Their Greedy Side, actually admonishes complimentary medicine providers for forming their own lobby (CAM). I will refrain from commenting but I would bet that the AMA has more money than CAM and I know the AMA is very invested in keeping alternative practitioners from being licensed.

More and more people want alternatives to pharmaceuticals. They know that there are healthier, more effective solutions. They don’t want to be forced to medicate themselves or their children to prevent diseases either, especially when they have doubts, after educating themselves, that these preventative measures may not help and may actually be harmful. We are the most medicated, vaccinated country in the world with vaccinations starting at 12 hours old (Hepatitis B) and over 60 mandated by the age of six with more being required into teenage years, yet we have one of the highest rates of childhood mortality, obesity and illness in the world. According to a September 2014 article in the Washington Post, the United States ranked below 27 other wealthy countries in infant mortality in 2010, calling it a “National Embarrassment”. Diseases formerly only seen in adults are now showing up in children at an alarming rate. I learned about much of this after my mother was permanently paralyzed by a flu shot nine years ago and the neurologists said that reactions like hers were a fairly common occurrence. What we are doing isn’t working.

My readings involve using just a person’s name and age, before meeting or speaking to them, to create a detailed, four page report, a symbolic painting, a meeting and follow up. Using information obtained from Spirit, my guides and their loved ones who have passed, I learn about their physical body, emotional state, family history, relationships, childhood, personality, empathic and psychic abilities, significant events and much more. My ultimate goal is to help them to connect to their intuition and learn to accept and love themselves. That is what I believe brings about true healing. I also discover the root cause of whatever might be causing them pain or taking them off of their path.

Many of my clients are ill and have been to quite a few practitioners, frustrated because they cannot find answers or treatment. Others just want to learn more about themselves and their journey. I use information obtained from Spirit as well as my own experience such as recovery from Lyme Disease without antibiotics and recovery from a severe eating disorder as a teenager, to assist them in finding their way. I also use my experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor for nearly 30 years.

I never tell people what to do and I don’t want them to substitute my judgment for their own. My task is to build up their intuition, their health and their strength. We are all capable and have the answers within ourselves. We need support and guidance, not a system that takes away our choices and offers medications as the only options. If we want people to start taking responsibility for their own health, the system needs to give people responsibility and stop treating them like ignorant creatures who cannot think for themselves. The traditional medical system is broken and more rules aren’t going to fix it.

Originally published at medium.com


  • Katie Beecher, MS, LPC.

    Medical Intuitive, Licensed Counselor & Medium My eerily accurate abilities are featured on Goop, Gwenyth Paltrow's online magazine. www.katiebeecher.com

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