The Key to Success was Obvious, but I Didn’t See it

I’ve been around the sun 52 times, give or take a few degrees.

I don’t feel like doing the math, I’m on vacation ?

I’m finally becoming a windsurfer on this vacation.

I’ve windsurfed about 6 times in my life between age 16 and where I am today.

The gear was always too big for me, so I got over-powered, frustrated and gave up.

Now I have what I call “baby gear”. Sized perfectly for me, and I’m going to use it every day that I’m here.

I already had a good first day tacking and jibing.

This inspired me to look back at other times in my life when I struggled to gain any measure of success.

How many times had I modeled other successful people before me? People who made it look easy.

I did what they did…I said my affirmations…I banished limiting thoughts…I pushed beyond reason…

How many times had I done all these things and still felt let down by the results?

My recent windsurfing experience finally brought to light something that seems so basic, I’m embarrassed to admit it took my entire life to see it.

If you haven’t succeeded in the past, maybe you need to go about it a way that’s unique for you.

I was trying other people’s tactics and holding myself up to their achievements, and all along my gear was too damn big for me.

Sure, we can learn a lot from mentors and gurus, and I still advocate studying the experts.

But be willing to recognize that your path to achieving success has to be forged by you.

Maybe you need different sized gear.

In other words, maybe the cookie cutter isn’t your thing and there’s another way to go about your goal.

Back when I was running my chiropractic practice, I was a single mum.

All the business coaches told me I had to run my practice a certain way.

They had wives that stayed home and raised the kids. They never canceled a day’s worth of appointments because their kid had a fever.

In other words, their gear didn’t fit me.

So I did things differently. I succeeded my way, and it worked.

“Pave your own path and be fearless.” — Adam Draper

If you’ve given your best effort over and over again at the tried and true, and it didn’t go as you’d hoped, throw those ideas in the trash and go about it a new way.

Make an honest assessment of your situation, your skills, and your abilities.

I’m not saying sell yourself short, because certainly obstacles can be overcome.

Just take an honest, non-judgmental look at the situation.

I’m never going to be 6’2″ with the upper body strength of a 22 year old man.

But I can pick the gear that’s perfect for my size and have just as much fun out there, and that’s success.

As always, I wish you all the best!

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