As human beings we have something of a tradition of setting boundary markers in time so we can start afresh. Be it a new year, new month or even just a new day, we use these markers as a means of signifying whatever has gone before has already been and what is about to come is a new start.

The lyrics quoted above from Keane’s 2004 chart hit, “Somewhere only we know”, reflect this idea of a need for new beginnings. When we feel worn down by life we often need the assurance that we can start afresh.

Perhaps we’ve had an argument at work, or with friends, and need somewhere to cool off and start again the next time we see them. Creating some space for ourselves often provides us with a means of resetting and starting afresh. But what can we do when we need to find that somewhere to begin when we’re in the middle of something like our working day?

Increasingly, some of the big employers are recognising the mental and business benefits of allowing people space to refresh and start again. This is seen in the increasing popularity of recharge rooms where employees can go to rest, stretch, have a snack, or just spend some time in peace.

The idea of the recharge room reminds me another lyric from this Keane song. “Sat by the river, and it made me complete.” But how do we do this when we have nowhere physical to go?

The good news for all of us is that just as Keane’s lyrics are a metaphor, we too can find the space in our mind without necessarily needing to physically go somewhere special. Allowing our mind to focus on the breath can help us to reset mentally. This is shown in the popularity of mindfulness.

I’m not saying this is easy, but the breath is always with us and is something we can chose to be that simple thing we can learn to rely on.

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