The wait to 2018 is nearly over!

Whilst many are still scratching their heads wondering where the heck 2017 went, others are anticipating its arrival with much excitement. The new year is all about wiping the slate clean and starting fresh, so if you didn’t get to complete a goal, start something new or you just had a downright hard year. That’s okay, believe me when I say, “no one’s perfect” plus, there’s no point beating yourself up about it! The new year is for starting again, right!?

So, let’s start now. Push the reset button and get this show on the road!

Resolutions, Schme-solutions.

Firstly, let’s not start the new year by writing out a ‘Resolution Wishlist’ as long as Santa’s’ to do list! This may just be me but, the word ‘resolutions’ don’t get me results and long-winded, unachievable (with good intention) lists don’t get me anywhere either. Think less is more, you want to aim for key goals that’ll make a difference to your life. That’s why I’m going to pick my 3 top intentions for 2018 and if you’re playing along at home, then follow my lead!

Intention + Action = Make it happen.

How the intention plan works is you set yourself three major intentions (goals) and three minor action steps to achieve each goal. For example;

Intention 1: Get fit and exercise more


3: Take out a gym membership

2: Do 2 group fitness sessions per week

1: Exercise 4 times/ week with 45min/ sessions

If completed by xxx the reward to myself is xxx

You’re planning simple, achievable action steps to help you get from A to B. Think of this intention plan as stepping stones to your goals. 3, 2, 1 are you up for the challenge? One word of advice, make sure to set achievable completion dates, don’t be all gung-hoe about it, please! You’ll risk burning yourself out or end up giving up, and I don’t want you to do either! If your intention is going to realistically take a year, then set the completion date for that. Besides, don’t you want to get your reward at the end?

You can download a copy of the 3, 2, 1 Intention plan here.

We all deserve to achieve our biggest aspirations, and if that means planning and making a few course corrections to get there then go for it!

Let me know how your tracking, love reading your stories. Wishing you all a rewarding, goal-busting new year!