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My name is Sybil; I’m a mother of three, and I wear a size 0.Ohhhh……What did you just think? Was it pleasant or was it negative? Yep, I’m a skinny lady and love it! However, many people have a lot to say about skinny people. Yes, skinny people are victims of body shaming.

“Do you ever eat?” “You’re so skinny.” “You need a steak or something!” Yeah, that’s what I heard for several weeks as I walked my youngest child to school. Every morning I walked past a small group of moms standing together making little comments about my body. We are all grown, shouldn’t these type of things be behind us? Sadly it isn’t.

Body Shaming Is Hurtful To Skinny People Too

Many people don’t consider it negative talk about one’s size when they are referring to skinny people. They will quickly follow up with, “Girl, I wish I was your size.” But, why are you saying such negative things about my body, about me?

Yes, I’m a skinny woman that has given birth to three children. Yeah, I’m proud of it! But, I wasn’t always so proud.

As a child, I was picked on for being skinny. People called me chicken legs, Olive Oil (I’m showing my age from the cartoon Popeye), twig and anything else you can imagine. They would tell me I was going to blow away with the slightest bit of wind.

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When I became an adult, it didn’t stop. There for awhile, it seemed worse than when I was a kid. Why were these women so mean to me? Why did guys overlook me as a teen and young adult? It was because I wasn’t “thick”? Well, I’m glad the guys ignored me because I am blessed with the best husband ever. He loves every bone in my body and my chicken legs.

Yes, Body Shaming Is A Thing For Skinny People

Do you realize when you make statements to skinny people you are doing the exact thing the world says about “curvy,” “fat,” “overweight,” “meaty,” “big-boned,” etc. people? Skinny people take those comments and begin stuffing and overeating with the hopes of gaining the weight everyone around them say they should.

I am naturally thin. I tried adding extra calories to my daily intake by having milkshakes every night, eating junk, etc. Nothing worked. One day I woke up and asked myself why I was doing these things? To please others? To make others “accept” me? Yeah, that was what it boiled down to. But why? Why can’t I enjoy the body God gave me? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working out and being fit, but we ALL must learn to love our OWN bodies for what they are.

I am now a mother of three skinny little girls. They come home sharing things other kids say about them. They call them names, make remarks about their size and seem shocked that they eat. Hmmm….yes, skinny people eat, and we LOVE to eat.

Loving my body, loving myself. Nope to body shaming
Loving my body, loving myself. Nope to body shaming

Body shaming affects everyone. We have allowed the idea of a “perfect” body to take over our lives. Your body is perfect the way it is, just love it!

When I see news reports or read articles about how ads should move away from featuring skinny women and show more curvy women I cringe.

As I watch interviews or read social media posts stating that a model is a sell out because they are trying to be like those “skinny people,” that hurts.

All people should be able to shine and be the face of brands. No one should ever feel less of a person due to their size, rather you have curves or not.

Stop the body shaming and learn to love EVERY BODY.

Love Your Body No Matter The Size

Remember always to shine regardless of the comments made to you or about you. You are always and must be your own shining star.

I’m going to share more post about body shaming and the affects it has on people. Just because we are skinny, it doesn’t mean our lives are any easier than the next.

Have you ever made a body shaming to anyone? Have you been on the receiving end?

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