“Falling in love is one of those things that can be cat and mouse. Sometimes it goes swimmingly and its plain sailing other times you fall hard, blind-sighted and not a clue in which way to go.”

Heres a little story of how I manifested the man of my dreams into my life.

Have you ever met that one person that makes your heart sing? That makes you go giggle like a school girl or weak at the knees.

have you ever had a connection with someone that you just can’t work out?

It’s ok I hear you. I’m this hopeless romantic that has always wanted that one guy to come riding in on his noble stead and just sweep me away. Well, let’s just say I usually end up with a muppet in tin foil.

When I was a teenager I met this one boy he was an adonis. Tanned, dark hair, six pack, played football and had the most loving personality there is.

We became really good friends and there just seemed to be this spark between us. I couldn’t explain it maybe we were just really good friends?

He would come and see me at my window when I was grounded and well that was a lot. He’d stop playing footy in the park and come and sit with me and we would chat for hours. We sat on a wall in the park one day and he ripped a red bit of leather off his trainer and gave it to me and said ” Keep this forever and never forget me.” My heart melted how can I ever forget you?

We were inseparable. I would go to his house and we would watch films and just cuddle up. We watched Blair witch when it came out and I lived around the corner but you had to go past the woods. I never forget I said will you walk me home and the little sausage went il get my younger brother too. I couldn’t stop laughing at him and still remind him of this today. Whenever I saw Sexy beast or Blair Witch id think of him and smile.

We never went out with each other it was always the wrong time one of us was always with someone. We grew apart and grew up like a lot of us do.

I started a new job in hospitality and I saw his beautiful smile across the bar I shouted his name. Then ran around the bar and jumped at him. We became inseparable again and even when times became tough for either of us we were there for each other. Little did I or he realise I was always there to pick him up and care for him when he needed it. He had gone from the beautiful happy teen I knew to broken.

“I didn’t want to fix him to me he was and always will be perfect in his own little way. Instead, I wanted to be there for him so that when he needed a shoulder he had me.”

Over the next few years, we both had partners so yet again the time was never right. But I was happy he was in my life. To me, that was enough or what I told myself anyway. We went our separate ways again we both got in long term relationships. I didn’t see him for about eleven years. Only ever in passing but never to speak to and catch up. I tried to stay in touch with social media when he was on them or ask his brothers how he was.

We have mutual friends so little did I realise I would hear a lot of how he was and always be happy to hear if he was ok but I missed him. I tried to block it out I was in the mindset of we’ve grown up move on don’t be silly.

Now here is the crazy part I am a firm believer of manifestation and practice it a lot. About six months ago. I kept seeing signs that reminded me of my friend. From our song to his initials. I believed that all these adverts around town with the same initials was his business every time I saw it I was so proud of him. Because clearly to have the same initials as someone is merely impossible not…

I didn’t realise also that my friends would mention his name or say they saw him and subconsciously I just lit up.It randomly got to a point where I kept seeing these synchronicities and thought i need to get in touch with him just to check he’s ok.

I finally got in touch with him on social media and we chatted like we had done all those years ago. My heart went the universe had brought this beautiful man back in my life. I was still unsure what my feelings were but as soon as I saw him I couldn’t let him go. The hug felt like it lasted a life time. I didn’t want to stop holding him.

We chatted and caught up on all our time missed and I knew then that I loved him. I always have done from the time we were teenagers I just didn’t know it.

I’ve always had the thought of him in my mind whether it’s just wondering if he’s happy or seeing him. See the art of manifesting is being clear with what you want. But until lately I didn’t realise I manifested him so looking back I was manifesting him but I didn’t know what manifesting was so didn’t follow the breadcrumbs that the universe was laying for me.

Now manifesting love. If you manifest a specific person they have to be on the same frequency or it won’t work. You have to be in alignment or your manifest someone and it won’t be what you want or won’t happen. to manifest someone be clear. What do you want in a person? I knew I wanted the definition of him. I can tell you the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, the colour of his eyes to even knowing his favourite football team.

Once you are clear on what you want release and let go of the out come. Carry on with your life keep working on you and making you happy and when the timing is right they will come into your life.

My friend is still in my life and a big part of it. I don’t know what the future holds for us and if we will ever get together but he is in my life and this time he is staying.

So when looking for love ensure you are happy with you. You’re an awesome person and when you see that others will see you shine.”

Love and light Lizzy xx