Caused by the circumstances of my strange upbringing and the lack of guidance in my childhood, I had very low self-esteem in my twenties. I worked as a tour guide all over the world and between the age of 20 to 31, I never stayed in any place longer than 7 months. I had no stability in my life, going from one unhappy relationship to the next, watching other people my age getting married and starting families while I was the crazy chick who was jetting around the planet, pretending to have fun and not being interested in children, ever. Deep inside me I felt very unfulfilled and empty and I started looking for the deeper meaning of life, I began to wake up to a new state of consciousness.

I learned that I could create my life and that no matter what happened in the past, I did not need to allow it to define my future. I learned, that by setting goals and visualizing what I wanted, I could actually get it. When I was 31, one of my friends gave birth to a little boy and I fell in love, I suddenly started dreaming of having kids as well and things started falling into place. Three years later I was pregnant with my first baby and 18 months after the most beautiful girl in the world was born, things just got even better, I gave birth to a little boy.

Becoming a mother was the best thing I ever did in my life. When I looked at my baby girl for the first time, I was absolutely besotted. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and all I wanted to do was just hold her all the time. I loved watching her and talking to her and for the first time in my life I felt complete. 18 months later, when my little boy was born, I was the happiest person on earth. I so much enjoyed being a mother, we had a lot of fun, dancing, singing, playing, going to the beach or travelling to our other home in Switzerland, where they are both studying now.

One of the things which were important to my husband and me was that our children would grow up trilingual and we achieved that goal with ease. While I only spoke to them in German and my husband only spoke to them in Greek, they learned perfect English at their school. Another thing which was important to me was to pass on two of my passions, one is skiing and the other one is travelling, which they both enjoy doing too.

Becoming a mother became my passion and my total fulfilment, it grounded me, and I finally belonged somewhere. I loved watching my children grow and guiding them into becoming beautiful young adults who are now finding their own place in the world, I will always be there for them, as long as I live.


  • Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis

    Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Author, Motivational Speaker

    I am the author of the book “The Soul Kit” and a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Motivational Speaker. My life purpose is to add value to people’s lives and brighten the path of those who are a little lost in the dark.  I am originally from Switzerland but live in Cyprus with my husband, and we have two grown up children. I speak 6 languages and also work as an interpreter. I found out very early in life that if we want to achieve something, we have to take action and not wait for someone else to do it for us. Life doesn't happen to us, we make it happen. I had a bit of a tough beginning, my mother was 16 years old when she gave birth to me and wanted to give me up for adoption, my grandfather insisted to take me home and I grew up with my grandparents but unfortunately when I was 10 years old, my grandfather died. I felt a lot of insecurity and shame and spent many years feeling quite lost and worth less than others but was determined to achieve something in my life. When I started understanding that we are in charge of our life and that it’s entirely up to us how we want to create it and that we must never allow our past to define our future, I started creating a wonderful life for myself. As a young woman, I worked as a tour guide in many different countries all over the world and learned about other cultures and mentalities, I learned that even though we may look different and speak different languages, we are all the same, with the same needs, wishes and dreams, and that we all have the need for safety and happiness. I have travelled to over a hundred countries, and I love to get to know people, appreciating similarities and respecting differences while bringing out the best in each other.