Today I quit my job (how many of you just took a moment, even a split second to think “I wish I could” – well this is for you).

I jumped so that I could fly in the direction of my dreams…

I had decided about three years ago that I needed a change, I needed to take a leap of faith in the direction my heart, my dreams, my passion were taking me, and I didn’t listen. I allowed hatred for where I work (a local pub in Melbourne), to grow and grow, hate for myself because I wasn’t doing anything about my situation. The day I decided, it wasn’t a big deal, a massive wake up call, just a knowing, no whispers from the mind, just an “ok, I think I’m done” – that night I went home, put my resignation letter (a hilarious poem) into an envelope and yesterday put it on the boss’ desk. DONE.

Allow me to explain, it wasn’t necessarily the ridiculous hours, inebriated locals who would come in for their daily top up of beer or even the micro-management in this company that didn’t allow for anything other than the limiting restrictions of what you could achieve. (“We’ve always done it that way” certainly applied here). It was me.

Don’t get me wrong, the mind filled itself with plenty of worries after the fact, “do I have time before he gets in Monday morning to take the letter back? What if I don’t find another job in time? I don’t have any savings! What the hell am I doing?” – but I knew none of those to be real because none of them, none, came to me with the same calm, knowing and love that the decision in the first place did – that’s the feeling you must trust, to know you’re doing the right thing and that’s the feeling the universe will catch you with.

It’s a funny thing, when you know what you should be doing yet resist the opportunities because you haven’t made room for them as you continually fill up your life with everything it is you don’t want…

Let’s understand, I’ve been fortunate enough to know what it is I should be doing since I was about six, and since then, yes I have done many things but a lot of which include; fear, worry, stress, all because I’ve believed for so long that I’ve needed all the jobs (outside of my dream) because I have to pay the bills, I have to earn a certain amount of money each week, what will happen if I don’t? Now yes, they are all facts, you have to pay your electricity bill or they turn your lights off, but, and here is a sprinkling of fairy truth dust and what I had to see for myself, you don’t have to settle for doing, working or being anything less then you are to make money, YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY.

Have you heard the Alan Watts What if money was object? “If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will have spent your life, completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing, in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing.” – I don’t know what will happen once I finish up in two months, but I’m taking the leap, I’m not saying quit your job, I’m saying evaluate what it is you want in this life and go and fucking get it. No excuses, no more blame or reasons why you can’t. Trust me, I’ve used all of them for years, and guess what, none of them work! NONE! – pardon me, they do if you’re looking to keep fuelling your resistance to your true desires.

I ask the question, and I hope it never comes true for anyone but ” If goodness forbid tomorrow you found out you were sick, would you continue living life the way you are today?” Don’t wait until that anxiety, sick, awful feeling that comes on the day, the week before you start work, be who you are, unapologetically and go get what it is you deserve and know that what you deserve, well the possibilities are endless.