The Townsends Inlet Bridge connects Sea Isle City and Avalon. It’s been there for decades. Apparently since 1939. Before I was born. Wow! That feels good to write. So many things are a reminder of our age, but this time, the bridge can claim fame to being older.I have driven over the bridge. To the Acme. To CVS. To Surfside Fitness. To see my friend Sue. To dine out at places that no longer exist:(.

However, I never walked over the bridge. Just didn’t think of it. Something changed and opportunity beckoned. Last summer, I started walking. A lot. 5 miles. 6 miles. 7 miles. Ding, ding, ding! My Apple watch prompts me to keep walking. I keep going. Maybe Over the bridge? Yes, let’s do this. People fishing. People driving. People running. People biking. People walking. And the Seagulls! Are they pigeons? No. Mom says NO! Wikipedia agrees!

I walked over the bridge 3-4 times a week. Some of my best inspirations happened while walking over the bridge. I love to stop in the middle of the bridge and take in the view. Always present were the birds. The ducks. Since the end of summer, my walks have been few. Focused on my business. My mom. Covid calling. Today, I decided to venture out. Mom asked why I was going out on such a cold day. Not sure. I feel a calling.

Walking down Ocean Drive. 29th Street, 28th, 27th, 26th…and so on until 1 mile. The route is predictable. I know when the Apple watch will bing after each mile. As I walk toward the bridge, the wind picks up. Maybe I should turn around…but the bridge. You know you want to walk across the bridge.

Such a cool feeling crossing from one place to the next. So, I go. I have my bag with me. From the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Inside, my mask, my phone, a small bottle of water, some tissue and a Chanel glossimer:).

As I approach where the EZ Pass tolls are paid, I see the seagulls. Too many to count. I fumble for my phone to take a picture. Wearing my mom’s gloves, I try to open the camera, but to no avail. Removing mom’s glove, I capture the moment.

The closest seagulls would flap their wings, drop their gifts and leave. I noticed that one seagull was looking right at me. I stopped. I studied. I held my breath. He/she/they keep looking at me. We had this moment of connection. I felt like this seagull wanted me to know that I was not alone. I nodded. I felt a connection. I see you. I see YOU!