You see this everywhere ‘’Successful people all have this one thing in common: Morning routine’’. It is ALL over social media lately and I wanted to jump on board of this fabulous trend. I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up early to have MORE time to be rich & famous, right?!

I received the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod as a gift, so I decided to learn about his method. The people mentioned in the book TRANSFORMED their lives drastically: the lost weight, stopped smoking, launched a successful business, and the list goes on. I wanted to be a happy testimonial waiting to happen too.

So, I set my alarm clock for 5:45AM and began my Miracle Morning journey.

I did this for 30 days. I practiced my S.A.V.E.R.S (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading & Scribing) and kept waiting for my life to change.

I noticed a few things: I had more patience with my kids, I knew myself a little better, I didn’t have to worry about fitting in a workout at the end of a long work day because it was already done, …but I wasn’t rich or successful. Matter of fact, I was losing my job and desperately tried to get my business up and cashing in so I didn’t have to look for another job.

I wasn’t seeing any drastic results, so I started to take my morning practice down a notch. I would skip the journaling. I then started skipping the reading. Soon, I was sleeping in and cursed the morning practice for my constant exhaustion.

Why does it work for others, but not for me?

The answer could be as simple as: I started something with the end result already in mind. I didn’t surrender. I told the Universe THIS is what I want and THIS is the way I want it. There was no room for opportunity, just for disappointment.

I started this routine because I wanted to be like ‘’them’’. I wanted to have drastic results like ‘’them’’. The Universe had to teach me a lesson is surrender and patience.

I was doing everything right…except taking action toward my dreams. I thought that meditating, writing and visualizing was all that I needed to manifest my dream life. Think about it hard enough and it’ll come. Dream it often enough and people will throw money at you.

Thinking about it now, I have to say that it took me a long time (longer than I’d like to admit) to come to this conclusion. I really had no idea WHY it wasn’t working for ME!

Now, I’ve got a morning practice all planned out and ready to go. But this time, I am doing it for me! For my patience, for my well-being, for my growth, for my own personal development, …FOR ME!

And that, my friend, is a drastic transformation.