A new leaf has fallen, as autumn has arrived.

The years past by since these relationships have come in and out of my life. On September 11, 2017, I turned 30. I spent it, not with a large group. There was no hanging from the chandeliers. There was simply, reflection. Am I getting older? Or wiser? These are my thoughts…

* To me, From me.

I’m not going to call this ‘aging’. I call this ‘experiencing’. This is my life. It’s not about what I don’t have by this particular age or time in my life, it’s about everything I have done and completed thus far. Sure, I’ve loved – I’ve lost. I’ve climbed high and I’ve crumbled amongst the ashes. I have questioned time and time and time again about what my purpose in life in and why I am here… I have found answers – my answers. This is my life. What have I learned?

I have learned to surrender, to take each moment and feel it out before you decide if it’s a fit for your happiness or not.

I have learned to open up my heart, to accept without judgement. Life is about seeing the situation through a different lens.

I have learned to ‘Go For It!’ And I repeat, “I will NOT fall to fear!” – It’s all about trying, and if you make a wrong turn? That’s OKAY! Keep Moving. Always…When you stop moving, you stop the true essence of life and the journey at hand.

Breathe. Real-Deep-Full-Breaths.

Hug, just to hug. Kiss, just to kiss.

Speak your truth. When you leave it inside, you’re missing out on the beauty of freedom. When you lock yourself out from freedom, you miss out on your “purpose of living” – and doll, it all roots back to LOVE. Love yourself. Love what you do. When all things start with love, your vibration will only attract that what is meant to be.

Define yourself. Accept help. Accept love. Dance, even the tiniest boogie to get yourself back to your authenticity. Live with passion in everything you do, whether it be exciting or not. That passion is what sets the path toward the bigger picture.

Listen to others. Accept opinions. Accept advice, but in the end… it is you that is the decision maker. You are the only one that knows what is best for you.

Happiness and sadness are inevitable, but decide wisely who and what deserves your tears. Time is precious and so is your heart, so invest mindfully and with clarity. Take chances, “What if” isn’t a space worth living. Cherish the true meaning of “gratitude” and remind yourself that with gratitude… you have everything you need to fulfill a life full of abundance.

I am not ‘aging’. I am ‘experiencing’. I am ‘loving’. I am ‘creating’. I am ‘breathing’. I am ‘healing’. And with a smile upon my face, and with my feet tapping below… I am ‘dancing’ my way through life.

Welcome to a new shell. Now use your voice.

Forever + Ever. Amen.


  • Katherine "KB" Brown

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