You too? but the deeper I got into the love that I am here to spread, ( notice I didn’t say work ), I became uber conscious of the words that I spoke, the thoughts that I think, and the people I allow into my circle.⁣

Having the word “limit” that I would proudly declare, was an energetic block that was limiting me. So was the word “work” because that implies efforting and our brains are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

When I switched it to love, everything changed and everything began to shift because isn’t it true … when you find your passion it is a labor of love and there are no limits to what you can dowho you can reach, and how you influence for good. ⁣

I was on a podcast yesterday, and the host asked me if someone was to ask me who I am — what would I reply? I said — I would reply that I am LOVE and everything that I do and how I serve and what I create comes from that place. It’s who I am, and it’s how I live my life.⁣

When I started paying attention to the language that I was using, I realized how much I was limiting myself and how incongruent I was with my thoughts.⁣

Words carry powerful vibrations that directly impact your life AND others.

The awesome news is once you have awareness you can decide on a new narrative, a new reality.

One that helped me is asking: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? As thoughts come to mind that aren’t truthful, kind, or necessary, you can stop the energy of them in their tracks by switching up the energy by choosing a more empowering one.

You get to decide what you allow in, and what you put out.⁣ Now more than ever it’s so important to stand guard at the door of our minds because it’s so easy to buy into the fear that is being projected at us 24/7.

Where to start:

Observe your words, notice where you’re limiting yourself.

“Someday, I can’t, I wish, When I, I have to” Have your mouth act as a gatekeep and speak with love, joy, and integrity. You aren’t responsible for how someone else hears your words if you say it with love, kindness, and are in integrity. ⁣

Anger, drama, jealousy, and toxicity will only poison your life and your mind, and that’s the real virus.

I get to, I choose to, I am grateful I can, change the neuropathways in the brain. How we perceive something, and the language we use is everything.

Some people don’t want to see you win, they want to stay in anger, fear, and rage, it’s true, so let them go with love, as they’re making room for the ones who want to walk you home.

Here’s to 0 limits and more love!