I was called out on the carpet this morning. It was epic. Because I was called out, I was able to see something about my current behavior differently.

This year, I’ve been on a massive learning curve,taking every course I can get my hands on to learn the nuts and bolts of an on-line business. I love to sign up especially, for the free challenges. There is so much great stuff there, processing for myself and also gaining ideas for my own challenges.

Just for transparency here this is what I’ve said yes to this year, (yes, it is still January). I joined the 21 Day Infinite Receiving Challenge; the 5 Day Breakfast Challenge, the Write Your Own Manifesto Challenge. I’m in the Holistic Mastermind program; I’m doing a daily reading practice of Michael Beckweth’s 40 Day Mind Fast, Soul Read with a friend, I have Mary Morrissey’s Morning Mentor program going and I have a daily reading commitment to myself. Then I almost joined a 21 day detox program. We took on a remodeling of our front room and kitchen project that includes a bathroom. Oh and my coach has me on a 30 day sharing on social media practice. Not to mention the courses I’m teaching and the clients I’m working with. Yikes!

I’m quite aware that this is too much, even for me, who loves to believe I’m a super human and can do all things. Jeez louise — I’m tired already. I found myself being a bit overwhelmed and I actually didn’t even realize why.

My friend and the amazing coach, JJ Carolan is leading the Write Your Own Damn Manifesto challenge and she sent an email to the group this morning. She noted that of everyone who signed up only 15 % of us had taken the first step of joining her group for the process. (I was one who had not yet done the first step.)

She went on with this paragraph:

Let this be the start of you saying YES when you mean Yes and No when you mean NO — create energetic clarity. Are you going to be the kind of person who is clicking around or impulse buying because you want the END RESULT but really, DOING THE THING isn’t what you want?

Or are you the kind of person who is strong in him/herself and know EXCTLY what s/he wants and is going to do the uncomfortable things — change, do differently, show up, DECLARE… to have it? (I suspect this is you.)

Then she continued with a very specific call to action. She said, either commit fully and join the group, or unsubscribe from the challenge. For your energetic freedom.

Holy cow, that got me. It resonated with such a deep truth, such a deep, and profound calling to tighten up the places I spend my energy.

Out of the many things I listed above there are at least three that I’m not participating in. I might scan the email, or not; I’m definitely not taking full advantage of the materials and right now I see how that is making my energy field a leaking mess.

Fascinating, it is! What’s even more fascinating is that, this is what I teach, but I could not see it for myself.

What does this conversation do for you?

Is your YES really a YES, or is it more of a “I kind of want to, maybe, might if I have time” non-commitment? What would it feel like to get really, really clear? How would it be to cancel the places that are wobbly and simply commit clearly to one or two things? Doesn’t that feel better? Clearer? Less overwhelming?

Let your YES be YES and let your NO be NO. When you do, you will fall into ease and find an energy that comes with clarity. You will decrease overwhelm, cure procrastination and move forward with grace each day.

Originally published on http://divine-awakening.org on January 16, 2017.

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