Child Mowing Lawn
Starting a business at just seven to help my Mother make ends meet was where it all began.

Maybe I am among the minority which started working and were quite successful at such a tender age. I started with a simple plan of lawn mowing to help my single mother, who was struggling to make ends meet with a nominal pension.

Before I knew it, I was thriving and attracted about 25 clients within the first few weeks. That’s quite an achievement, and I love sharing this inspirational part of my life.

How I Got Started

I remember trying to decide how to help out my mum and soon enough came up with the idea. After having a good long day at school, I would energetically go out and help my clients with their gardening needs.

I guess the joy of it was not only being able to help my mother but also knowing I was helping my clients.  Soon I was delighted with the results and the smiling faces of my clients. That was the start of a victorious journey.

It’s All In The Presentation

One thing was certain. I understood the importance of being presentable at all times. I recall dressing up in my very best before every client-seeking voyage.

I would present myself at someone’s front door and request to speak with the “lady of the house.” I knew that I needed to give my best to lure them into hiring me to mow their lawns. Of course, I had a charming effect on the ladies, and I knew I would convince them that they need not put in extra effort and time for a beautiful lawn.

I offered to mow their lawn, and they couldn’t deny the sparkly eyes and earnest look. I told them they deserved to spend the weekends exquisitely with their husbands, rather than all his spare time taken up mowing lawns. They could have that by leaving all the mowing worries to this intelligent little kid.

That’s How It All Began

That is how my mowing business commenced. My clients knew that it was the right decision after seeing my expertise and desire to excel for them. From time to time, I’d even do extra jobs that I wasn’t paid for. 

“Would you like me to take the garbage out too, Mrs Jones?” I would chime.

Sharing someone’s burden and making their life easier is so soothing, and I still remember how grateful they would be. This is often why my $5 mowing job would often net me $10, sometimes $15.

The one thing that each of the clients admired about me, apart from my winning smile, was my professionalism at such an early age. Even though it was a straightforward business venture, I aced it with my competency and efficiency. People acknowledged it and appreciated my determination.

I Loved Helping The Elderly

I was especially loved by the elderly. The older generation was in awe of my performance and always recommended my services to neighbours & friends. They believed that such professionalism was a gem to find, and I recall how inspirational those words were for me. It pushed me to work harder and become the best version of myself.

I learned that staying up-to-date with any new skills or tools can work as a boon and lets you built a rapport in your business. I was a kid, and I started this for financial help, but I thought of making it big and real when my business took off. Now I can see my decision was for the best.

The Proudest Moment Of All

One thing I am most proud of with this business. It wasn’t too long before I was earning more than my mother received on a pension. It was great being able to contribute to the family and help out my family at just seven.

I can proudly say that age is just a number for people like me, and I did not let societal bounds (related to age) limit my growth. Our brain is a fountain of ideas, but not all of us believe enough to turn these ideas into a significant business venture.

These days, I am a Master Marketing Business Coach, and I have been doing this for over 25 years. In that time, I have helped over 1000 businesses from all different niche’s and industries. 

I have witnessed clients regret not starting at an early age and not giving their dreams a chance. I would only say trying and losing is way better than not trying at all.