What’s your backstory?

I’ve always been known as a basketball player, however I want to be known as a businessman, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. I’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship. You can say I was that kid who was selling electronics and candy bars in high school. When I got to college I had realized business is what I wanted to pursue but I didn’t want to wait until I graduated to started making money or start a business. I wanted to start in college so that way I wasn’t looking for a job frantically like a lot of people do whenever they graduate. I wanted to prove that you don’t have to drop out to start a business and you don’t have to wait to start a business either.

I know this is not an easy job. What drives you?

When I ask myself what drives me and why seven times, I find that having control of my life and having financial freedom is at the core.

So what exactly does your company do?

Beast Media is a full service creative branding and marketing agency that utilizes social media and video production to help build brands, create awareness and increase the audience and engagement of our clients through organic social media growth, website design, logo design, and video production.

Is there someone who made a big difference in your life who helped you get to where you are today? What lesson did you learn from them?

I’d say my mom. I was lucky enough to have a mom who believes in me and gave me confidence that I can do anything I want to do. I learned from her that I can do anything I set my mind to and the only limitations in life are the limitations you set on yourself.