I will NOT APOLOGIZE for taking a bold step out into this world.

Sometimes I wear combat boots, sometimes I wear pearls. Sometimes I speak like a highly educated Doctor and other times I cry like a little girl. I really don’t think publishing 32 books within a decade is any sort of big accomplishment. But the accomplishment that means the most is learning that the words I shared changed the lives of the people who were kind enough to let me know. I didn’t let some publisher’s rejection letter get me down. Then I decided, WHO NEEDS THEM? I’ll start a publishing company of my own!I will NOT tolerate abuse in our society. Not in ANY WAY, shape or form. I care too much about humanity to keep quiet and look the other way. When CNN told me I could not voice my opinion as a Broadcast Journalist I respectfully complied. Then I left the field entirely and started HEADLINE TIMES. My life is no longer about ME. It’s about uplifting the downtrodden, loud & clear every hour of every day.

You see, I only learned we matter by the difference we make. It does not matter what our status is – our HEARTS fueled by PASSION is what makes so-called lucky breaks.

If people don’t like me, I honor them for their views. I don’t allow status or money validate who I am, but I DO base my validation on the difference I genuinely make in our world.

LET NO ONE DEFINE YOU as a pure heart centered human being. Validate yourself when you help vanish someone else’s tears.

DARE to define clearly within your mind the contributions and difference you want your life to make. Then simply let PASSION guide you, and learn from the many mistakes we ALL make.

Ask for Higher Guidance to see you through, and then one day, one moment, your decision will capture you. It is then that your fate in our world is destiny unfolded – just take one moment at a time – that is how our lives are molded.

I send you love. I wish you JOY and fulfilled dreams. Just remember that temporary setbacks are all part of the mix. This is when it is time to look within, rest, restore, and even reinvent what you may have wanted to do for so long. Your time is NOW, dear one. I just wanted this to reach you before the dawn.