Ian Mausner

Regardless of the disruptive life that we are all leading during the Covid19 pandemic that still makes its presence felt in most countries, it is vital to take care of our overall health while staying protected from the virus.  The fear of the disease, various restrictive measures like isolation and physical distancing, and practicing strict hygiene by covering our face with masks when among other people while washing the hands frequently with soap is taking a heavy toll on our mental health.

None of us are happy, and the uncertain future and bleak economy are making our lives too much stressful, believes Ian Mausner.  The fight against the pandemic is making us sick in many other ways. We feel dejected and depressed as the situation is just overwhelming, and everyone is trying to come to terms with the new normal.

Accepting the fact that life will never be the same again, you must learn how to take care of your wellbeing despite the odds stacked against all of us.

Manage your stress levels

Remember that you must have a sound mind to ensure good physical health. Indeed, it is not easy to stay calm and poised when things are well beyond our control, but you can a few things to manage stress better, explains Ian Mausner.

Start by taking care of yourself without worrying about what can go wrong if you fall sick. Having a good body is essential to cope with the unusual situation, and you must eat well to ensure that your body receives enough nutrition from stretching yourself to the limit if need be.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink water and other beverages in plenty to keep your body hydrated.   Maintain a certain activity level when you spend more time indoors, do some exercise regularly and engage in other activities like gardening, doing some housekeeping, and even playing with the kids. It will divert your attention from the gloom and give you reasons to smile.

Have a good sleep at night and adequate rest during the day. Hit the bed every day at the same time and prepare your mind so that it induces sleep as you lie down. Wake up at some fixed time every day so that it becomes a habit as your body clock adjusts to it.

Beware of unhealthy habits

According to Ian Mausner, no matter how stressed out you might feel, never try some easy ways to cope by taking alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.  When you feel bewildered and try to find relief from stress, it is natural that alcohol and drugs might seem to do some good, at least temporarily. But these substances are so dangerous that they can suck you into a vortex of addiction that will drive you into deeper trouble.  The solution to stress lies in controlling your mind and not abusing it in the guise of seeking relief.

 Pay attention to your mind to understand what triggers stress and anxiety. Work towards eliminating those trigger-points so that you can maintain a balanced state of mind while staying in control of things around you.