Ian Mausner

With the spread of the pandemic all across the globe, businesses got affected considerably. The work from the home regime has started to take its grounds. Working from home provides individuals with various perks. The ability to bootstrap the business to the lower overhead, access to increased collaboration, and work via a digital platform has several benefits. It also helps parents to deal with their children while looking after their professional obligations at the same time. However, a crucial drawback of work from home is the connectivity issue.

According to Ian Mausner, when you meet an individual regularly, it gives mental healing. Also, it will help in idea generation. Moreover, it keeps the workflow constant, which is crucial for success. We can comprehend that the better-connected people are, the chances of attaining success are high.

The strategies which successful entrepreneurs must keep in their mind during the crisis

Entrepreneurs need to replace spontaneous connections and impulsive conversations when they run their businesses from home. Hence, you must read the following points in reasonable details

Intentionality and scheduling attitude: when you work out a schedule, it helps you attain your goals. Keep in mind that what does not appear on your schedule becomes messy. You have to be very intentional when it comes to scheduling breaks, connections, and routines. Preparing plans will help you strategize your resource’s optimum utilization. A strategic operation is all that is required to drive a venture towards success.

Use recurring calendar reminders: digital calendars have emerged as a necessary tool in the entrepreneur’s hand these days. According to Ian Mausner, using these calendars will help you keep track of your business activities. It will often remind you of your work commitments and thereby improve the existing relationship. Also, it will help in developing new connections.

Establish connections and coffee chats: every few months, you may set up links to take care of the virtual coffee meetings. In case you love uninterrupted conversation, finding time for indulging in chat sessions with people may help. You have to schedule calendar time for connecting with people. According to Ian Mausner, you can leave the remaining time for other commitments. Apart from this, being active on the social media platform helps people to connect with others easily.

Engage in virtual meet-ups every week: entrepreneurs must develop avenues for staying in touch with target individuals.Connecting to at least ten people helps keep the relationship working. It includes emailing individuals and asking them about their work environment and other obligations. It helps in developing a robust connection and also takes care of your mental peace.

Apart from this, you may plug into local groups or start a new one yourself. Also, scheduling conferences and events strategically is another way of connecting with individuals. Keep in mind that as an entrepreneur, you have a lot of power in your hand to improve the mental health of the employees. It will help if you use a virtual platform to stay attached to preferred individuals for better mental health.